We should have gotten 100 victory tokens

All I’m saying is a 4* isnt worth compensation for what happened 1 5* ascendable would have been better but I guess that’s to much, huh keep on Surviving I Guess…


Can’t agree more the compensation for it was an utter joke!


Take away a 6 star and give a different 6 star


Exactly, It much more equal as everyone has been pritty much screwed over.

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Anyone else agree?


It’s an effin joke guys. No matter how they word it they made a mistake and WE paid for it.
If at least the tokens guaranteed us an ascendable…but no, all they gave us is enough tokens for just ONE pull in the crappiest wheel they have going on now.


This is Scopes’ bread and butter. They’re always compensating us for their mistakes with table scraps, unlike one other JRPG game that rewards players with reasonable gifts. It’s like that one Extreme Cheapskate. Can’t be bothered to lose a dollar. If they lose that dollar, they’re fucked. So just give 'em a penny and call it equal.

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