We should get a compensation

Look, this type of thing has gone on multiple times, and unless if this was on purpose (it probably wasn’t) people want a compensation of 8 gold arrows. Do you realize the amount of people that got FREE s class items and yeah I guess Mr Jones is cool. Either give us a coin compensation or arrows. Thanks


Delete and you will be compensated with hours of your life


For. Fuck. Sake. Whenever a gate goes it’s that one salty ass person who didn’t get to do wanting compensation. WHAT ABOUT HALLOWGATE, SKULLGATE AND MANY MORE.

People benefited because of a mistake. Thats called a blessing. (Not really but it’s a opportunity) Instead of ruining we take that because half these events be P2P

I didn’t get 3 gold arrows. I got quills and 1 gold arrow. Like damn Chill the hell out. I benefited from this too. But we all want compensation because we don’t benefit. I was in school at the time and had gas cans and did it. Whenever a gate happens we want compensation becuase we didnt benefit. (Im gonna put myself out and say this is true since during hallowgate I wanted compensation) So please. Don’t get mad that you didn’t get to take advantage of this.


I’m still mad about missing turkeygate

There will be more screwups trust me.


I am sure I am missing a couple more because its constant and if they havent learned now…


Pamgate was a good one too

What frustrates us is the fact that they ARE able to rectify the issues, so that no one benefits from their mistakes. They corrected andrea sc very very fast.

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Andreagate with the roll backs was fun watching people flip out


See I knew i left out some more.

The only gate they only made right was the green tokens. They took it away & made it only available to the people who didnt benefit from their mistake. It was like 12k tokens for $5 or something like that.

Airplane mode gate, weapons craft gate, Michonne heads gate

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Airplane mode is the oldest I can remember.
Have airplane mode on and if you didn’t like the toon pulled then clear cache and pull again.


Rollback in armorygate as well…

I’m not mad, I’m just confused as to how they don’t fix this unless if it’s like where one person or group in scopely that are trying to cheat for the people but I ain’t mad. I mean it did look like I was but I’m not.


Don’t think your seeing his or hers point. In other mobile gaming platforms any errors, hell if the server is SCHEDULED for mantainance, the customer base gets compensated.

But error after error after error, Scopely does not hold their hands up, apologise, compensate customers and make sure they review and put in new procedures to ensure such errors don’t occur again.

Customers who may have benefitted from a gate or not, regardless should be compensated because it’s not their fault. It is Scopelys and due to their consistent errors, prior investments e.g. money time resources go down the drain, cos they do an error and those who know get items due to the error.

This is Scopelys fault, no one else is to blame but Scopely and it is Scopelys responsibility to rectify

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Anniversary gate (12 6*s via tokens for $36)

Are you people asking for free shit literally 8 years old? I have only seen children feel so entitled to something just because someone else caught a lucky break


Mr Jones isn’t game breaking and you should be. Able to easily get 4 arrows for the s class items … u people asking f9r compensation is funny to me based on just last week people got hundreds of thousand of coins . Enough to get s class wangfa multiple 6 stars and thousands of cakes … and now you want compensation because people received a close to worthless toon lol crazy


I know. Sometimes people ask for compensation because they didn’t get to take advantage of scopely mistakes. But still I do think a compensation would be good. I benefitted from the jonesgate (If It wasn’t for me having gas cans and my mind telling to wait til spanish I would of been salty)

Well I made that point since. Whenever people dont get to take advantage of a gate that will affect you good most people ask for comp since they didn’t get to benefit.

They won’t give you anything hahahahaha.