We should demand the EXACT odds of the Treasure Map drop


Seems I’m wasting cans on something that could turn out to be a 0.0001% chance


Pick a number between 0.1% and 0.001%…


I managed to skyrocket back into Platinum and still nothing. Combination of natural energy and cans.

Going with .0001%.


If it doesn’t require any monetary investment. They don’t legally have to. Wanting to is another story


You will only get it if they picked your account to get it doesn’t matter if you burn 1k tanks


LMAO :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:
“demand” they release the odds… why tho? will it change anything? if they said it was 5% would it make a difference to you??



You’re wasting cans even if you get the map


Woooow 0.0001 is too much ,
I would give it 0.000000001
I mean just look how many players announced they drop the map 20 players max
Scopely have like 60k accounts minimum
So what does 20 comparing to 60 k
You do the math .
Ops after a second though I think you are right the odds is 0.0001 or less


By the way, the odds can very easily be made 100% by an exploit.

$24.99 bargain offer coming to an Offers section of the store near you!


CHECK IN, my fellow 100-plus-Raids-Still-No-Treasure-Map crew

You can 100% get the nap, if you buy the offer lol


@Gho damn it I was coming here to relay that gem of info.


Yeah, that is literally what I said in the post above yours…


That’s weird right? What are the odds…


Odds of someone coming to a thread and being so keen to say what they have to say that they don’t read the post directly above (which was posted an hour earlier)?

Definitely higher than getting the map to drop on raids…


So you’re saying there’s a chance


I definitely agree they don’t have to. But indirectly - people are applying monetary investments (their will to do so).

Some people are buying raid cans and others are melting their raid can reserves for that map.

Transparency and openness to assist customers/players decide how to spend their time & money would be an unexpected pleasant surprise.


Tell me about it… :rage:


man i wish i had that easy of a raid leaderboard


Lol yall are the worst. There are things to complain about and this isnt one. Their only job is to release 6* andrea and they did. The map is just an extra. Its not like they do this for every f2p toon that becomes 6*. Be thankful they finally released her


Anyone want 1 of my 5 Andreas? No map needed.