We REALLY need more story and info on Characters


I’ve expressed my dismay on the fact that scopely is stuck to all out war and keeping pace with the show instead of moving on like they already did but reverted after the Magna’s group introduction. There’s characters in game I had now idea were in comics even though I read it. For instance Magna group consists of
Magna, yumiko, Connie, Luke and Kelly. All of which are in game. Most people would think they’re scopely original Characters. images-4
That’s not even how far it goes, you already released alpha and beta as a special but also others like Vincent who’s present in issue 140+.
And Dante issue 132

There’s more, they’re all post all out war Characters. So what I’m suggesting is you make more roadmaps that introduce these characters with a simple story to the players. A lot of people don’t read comics and have never seem these characters in the show. It would be good to promote a story and then feature characters in the story. Also a new building with an introduction to each character and versions of these characters would be amazing.


We just need a refresh. Even the theme for All-Out War is getting stale. Keep the event, just involve the other arcs. Make us fight whisperer camps. Fight near the estate where the cannibals stayed. Skirmish savior squads around the Sanctuary. Fight in the sand near Oceanside. I loved the hilltop scenery. Give us more variety other than locked characters behind a paywall. Otherwise boredom will just keep on going higher.


I just dislike the fact that rise to power featured all out war story line but no all out war Characters who played vital parts like Holly were featured. Instead they promoted scopely original Characters like Koa


I especially like the shown collection Ideas, about the characters with there respektive Versions, like:

Atlanta Camp - Allen
3* Allen
4* Allen
and Info

Atlanta Camp - Shane
3* Shane
4* Shane
5* Shane (Red)
5* Shane (Tougth)
6* Shane

Safety Behind Bars - Axel
3* Axel
4* Axel
5* Axel

The Road to Survival - Darius
3* Darius
5* Darius

The Road to Survival - Mirabelle
3* Mirabelle
5* Mirabelle (Yellow)
5* Mira(belle) (Red)
6* Mirabelle

And so on…


I agree 100% with this thread. Back in the old forum I suggested that they introduced the new characters. Their context in the lore of TWD. Like OP said, not everyone reads the comics, so it’s a good way to get people involved.

Those that read the comics would like to know, how the Scopely originals fit in the world of TWD. Telltale did an awesome job on Season one. Scopely could do the same. There are some characters that lack background. Romanov and Sawyer to me seem very interesting characters that could have a roadmap with their stories.

Come on @kalishane please pass this through to Live Ops or whoever makes the stories for the roadmaps.


I agree with you. This will make collecting so much fun!


This would be awesome as sometimes, I honestly don’t know what the hell is happening when they do their stupid scripts in between attacks. Like, where the duck does the whole Michonne story even fit in with Oceanside? Then again, I’ve never read the comics (I work a full-time job) and I can’t afford to catch up. That’s why I watch the show. But what the heck, that was so out of place. I get they wanted to show their shiny new Michonne, but wtf was up with that storyline? Who were those bandits? I don’t understand. And, THE GATE!!!


Around the time after all out war Michonne disappears. During that time she find the oceanside community. It’s a tie in to telltale walking dead: Michonne


The Oceanside Story is a good Example. It’s one of the only storylines introducing new characters, but none of them has a toon.


Except Pete and Siddiq. But yes good point