We really need a roadmap with elegant incense and smelling salts


There is a new strategy involving these that really makes leveling up easier…

It would be great if scopely could give us a roadmap with these as the main reward…


Dont forget wood, sorely needed :slight_smile:


@kalishane can we get a roadmap for incense and smelling salts preferably before the end of faction lvl up? These are key parts to being able to level up 6* fast! Friday or Saturday would be awesome


why the hell you want more wood?


Yes, I think wood and elegant incense would be great right now. Please don’t put them on offers, I’m trying to resist spending on this game for the first time.


Maybe some replenishes as milestones too.


Can we also reduce war cans from cropping up, they build up so darn fast


Scrolling through my inventory and was almost embarrassed at how few gun straps and walker arms I had!

I could use some elegant incense as well :wink:


Yea I am running low on incense too! Roadmap please!! And maybe some smelling salts in there somewhere.



Reading this post, I kinda feel like you guys know exactly what this is.



All my prayers have finally been answered!!!




Lmao :smiley:


I don’t know about you guys but I gotta say I’m sick of getting Benedicts. My roster is literally bursting with them, I think I’d freak out if they made him easier to obtain because I really don’t want any more


Right there with you bud, seriously considering buying more roster slots to contain al, the Benedict’s.

Same as the plethora of basic tokens, the 99+ icon is damn near ready to burst.


I feel like I’m about to die of thirst, please give us purified waters! My survivors are withering away!


Yeah I’ve just been selling my Benny’s to SD. @ScopelyAdmin we got way too many Benny’s here. Would you please not put them as rewards.

Or if you do put it as a high milestone, because if it’s a reasonable milestone I might just hit it and I have no more room for Benny in my life.


Is that one of those crosseyed 3D puzzles that used to be in the newspaper?

And that is a tellytubby in the middle.


Im smelling pretty hard some sarcsm in this Thead xd


No way. If they put elegant incense and purified water and 320 SD points in a 5m milestone, I believe I’ll need to change my pants because of all the excitement