We need weapons with great chance

Does anyone realise how dumb those new weapons are? Giving all team members 5% attack… Heal one team members blala who wanna waste a day or so crafting this making his armories busy and so, those new weapons r freaking garbage does anyone see this or just me

Most of the 4th slot specials are shit but some of them are amazing, such as 100% attack when attacking a stunned enemy for greens/strong. Most of the 4th slots im going to use for extra stats like attack, crit, def, hp or bonus ap

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You also have to realize that the fourth slot enhancements cannot be affected by disarm. I agree some are lackluster, but with the added bonus of 4th slot disarm resist, that’s arguably the best slot.

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Do these stack? So five yellows with five of these are getting ~80% per turn?

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Why does yours say 4%?

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