We need waves of bans

We haven’t seen the real waves of bans in a long time. Has the headshot company encouraged cheaters? Scopely give cheaters to play at full strength without fear of punishment?
Cheaters have long been hacking weapons, gold. Why are you turning a blind eye to this?
Now cheaters began to make tokens of weapons, and most importantly! Arena tickets. Do something! We can not play and pay money losing constantly to those who without investments has no limits of resources.
Give us a wave of bans and we will invest in your company and not the company Vk
Everyone knows that vk has cheaters that can sell you You need the resources. More and more people started buying in vk. And not in the game, do you not notice?
They sell 30 gold tickets for $50, so no one buys tickets from you. You have to think about it.

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