We need to talk scopely


We’ve had events where you work a 3* to a 5*, events with outright free 5*… and then there’s this winter event. Last time I was this dissapointed with an event was Fort Knox.

This entire winter thing is a was of saying “here’s the shit, now go buy an ascendable”.since we haven’t gotten a new f2p 6* in months. The best you have to offer is a crate with a few gear pieces or the materials to ascend an ascendable that most f2p don’t have. You have us grinding daily for a chance at shit only a few want or need.

Also I had hopes for the new winter characters, that’s all gone. Most of the winter toons are garbage (michonne,zeke) after all this time you still don’t get it. No ones going to pull for a slightly different version of priya or some weird as hell 6* with a slightly altered 5* barkers rush or some worse version of beta.

Richard is probably to best out of them all after a closer look. Even then his active skill is garbage.

I was expecting michonne or zeke to be f2p but it’s scopely, their motto is go buy a bert for 20 bucks and it’ll all work out. Why couldn’t we just get a wheel like last years with ascendables instead with a chance of Xmas negan or some shit. After two years you still couldn’t get your shit together. A shit ton of the player base (myself probably included) will ditch this game after this event if something doesn’t change.

Can’t believe I’ve wasted 2 years of my life and god know how much money on this game

(This is not a quitting post)


Back in the time when rares, ultras and even one or two epics were given through roadmaps and collections (When the museum was introduced.)…

It was all lovely and peaceful, and players actually praised Scopely for not being so bad back then.

Now they ask what they have done of wrong, thinking the company is the innocent and that the players are “rallying” against them.

It’s an absurd at how things changed, Fort Knox was on this year, still, and even then, things were pretty. I can’t imagine what I and the rest of the community have been doing what they could to be still standing and playing this game.

We just love it and can’t help but keep doing so. But guess what? It’s Scopely…

I doubt there will be lasting hope for the game next year, if things keep going like this.


People like you made scopley this greedy. They want you to keep spending on stupid shit and they KNOW you will keep spending!
Nothing will change until we all stop spending.


People like who?


People like me? I’m not a whale who spends thousands a month to get all the best characters, Hell I only have one premier ascendable and the rest of my 6* are f2p. I’m not a spender, I’m on the fine line of almost f2p.


Do you spend on $copley? if so then YES! Guess what scopely would do if they didn’t make money… they would change instantly.


No, if they weren’t getting money they’d close the game. It wouldn’t be making a profit and that is all they seem to care about. Most of the people who want change want it because they’ve invested in it. Whether or not it’s through time or money they don’t want this game to fail. If no one ever spent on this game it wouldn’t have made it a year. It wouldn’t be around today.


But…aren’t you the same guy that said if you had a jar next year to put your walking dead money in, it would buy you a 4k TV and a crazy vacation. Sounds like you might have been the problem, so don’t get all evangelical because you’ve decided to stop spending all of a sudden


guess i realized im part of the problem and now doing something about it =)


I am f2p and I have 5 6* and an S5 team. I agree f2p players are constantly being shit on, but saying that most people won’t need 6* gear is just wrong. I’m pretty sure almost everyone will have a chance for tier 4 6* gears, which is good. And those who worked a bit harder and are in a higher ranked faction will have a wyatt. I don’t think this sucked.

Still don’t know how many of the xmas cards will be promo… and I expect all or almost all, and that is gonna suck.


I’m pretty sure the golden crap pile (not shitting on the event that’s what it looks like) event is separate from the winter events because winter event were supposed to start on the 14th where as golden event started on the 12th


Also I’m curious how you got 5 6* f2p

I only have 3 and have spent… than again I didn’t farm the ever living shit out of the Kong’s treasury.


I got zeke, free for everyone. miraboobs in an event (and 3 more miras in the next event that featured her, but none is 6*), tyreese from depot available to everyone, shiva from 5* tokens (tokens are raining in events lately) and barker, milestone from a lvl up i think.


Nice I could have about 7 6* if it wasn’t for the silver medal drought

I’m sitting with Barker Abe and ty


F2P or P2P doesn’t matter. If people spend it’s because they decide too. If people are spending at the moment, that’s fine, they obviously think it’s worth it. They’re not going to go on a ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■, and no one has any business telling them they should. If there’s nothing people want to spend on, they won’t spend. Not a ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■, someone’s personal decision to not spend at the moment. So, if you don’t want to spend, don’t, and leave the people who are spending alone. They’re entitled to play the game how they wish, and if they decide to do that by spend spend spend, good for them, I hope they get something worthwhile out of it


The flow of medals was steady and high at first. I’, still sitting at 905 legendary and 750k acendance. I bought a few of the survival road crates, even at full price, but stopped after idk 10 or 15


I’m at 900 legendary medals but only 125k normal medals.


Seems most people are running out of medals. Don’t really see why Scopley doesn’t just give us the roadmap they spoke about and put an end to it. Ascendance is something they forced upon us. So give us the means to do it. Putting them down as milestones or rewards is BS.
Its just more disappointment that could be solved easily.


They are running low on medals.

But seriously, Scopely seems like they are an “angry child” like “We first gave you ascendant medals. You guys complained so no more!”


Almost everyone went f2p after the release of 6* on our region