We need to have gold a.medals and alot more


The lack of gold medals is ridiculous! How can you expect people to pull for epics when they can’t get them to 6s and they come as 5s alot more than 6s. This is going to be the last straw for alot of us and is the biggest issue I see in game . We spend them on a 5 then it sucks or we get new ones and can’t get our hands on them for 2 months at a time! And this Bull shit of 25 if them for 24.99 come on you’re making so when we have a special and ascend them itd cost close to 500$ that way after medals a d droppin the average 200$ to pull it. Personally and everyone I’ve spoke too about this thinks the gold medals need to be scraped. Use 5s and silver to ascend them or make gold avail in droves not spend a dollar a freaking medal or 300$ on a stash to get them


Guess their plan is working.


Bump. More gold medals are neeeded now


What’s it like on the outside?


Goals medals? Do you mean legendary medals? Cuz that would make a lot more sense.