We need to do something with the extra keys for Pete

Oh noooooooo not more blue keys … anything but that … forget about the rest of the game being close to stale or unplayable

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You’re just in the wrong bucket bruh :man_shrugging:

Not really it’s just boring …

Why would you play something that is boring? Play or do something you enjoy

I am don’t worry bud

I hope museum keeps track of extra key as i have no idea where they go

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Fuck this game and I encourage every1 to quit.

question if you are able to use them for other things would people that do not have Pete or what ever sclass toon it is be able to trade theirs as well?

Could be that the collection unlocks when you complete the main one? Could work for all collectibles then

If there was an official answer to this question then that would be the end to it

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Could add a tab to the museum, put all s class stuff in that tab, keys, cones, cakes, cards, etc put s class tokens, have a collection to exchange s class items like keys for the tokens, so 500 keys = 250 tokens, have another collection to exchange the tokens for whatever s class toon you want, so 250 tokens = 250 ice cream cones.

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Please restrict your suggestions to those which will lead to financial benefit for Scopes!

They are tired of these whinings about lack of gears , trainers, plushies, blue keys blah blah blah


We need to do something with the extra keys for Pete

Hi @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely @TayTron

Could you please confirm if this has been brought up to the team and if they will be addressing this?

Alot of customers now are transitioning from not having Pete to having Pete now so now have a surplus of keys that dissapeared as there is nothing to redeem them against.

This seems to be an oversight on Scopely’s part and it would make sense to ensure items such as keys etc have a secondary use already prep in advance, if Scopely is tracking the customers journey properly e.g. trainer crates, gear crates in museum collection.

Can you please see what the teams feedback is on this and advise us accordingly.



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