We need to do something with the extra keys for Pete



Anything we can use these extra keys on would be great, gear, trainers, other s class items, etc.


I totally support this
Pls bring anything we can exchange them for
Its stupid hw after i got s class pete ,war crate keeps giving me blue keys
Atleast make war crates choice boxes so people can go after their choice of s class
Do something scopely


Ohh poor baby ya too many keys :cry:


I was thinking maybe a choice box of 500 collection items which cost 500keys same as any other ones as I have a lot of ice cream cones I don’t need.


Oh look, its negative Nacey who only complains about everything and offers zero feedback, advice, knowledge, etc to the community or game. :man_shrugging:


They would never do a 1:1 conversion but something could be done, an exchange center in museum and they can also give s class its own tab in the muesum


Use them to Scratch Scopely’s Million dollar cars they bought with all the money people gave them.


There should definitely be at least a 3:1 conversion at worst, realistically a 2:1 conversion.

Why is a 1:1 conversion not realistic?

If in choice boxes earlier in events we picked keys to get Pete we are now being penalised for pushing to get him as quick as possible.

Straight up conversion of 100 for 100 of another item would be ideal, as a permanent collection in museum.

Or give us something else to use them on.


Yes this is ridiculous, oh look I got blue keys, no actually you got nothing @GR.Scopely @Parker @LadyGeek thus needs to be addressed


Dont have him yet

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“Poof” they disappear like magic

Supply Depot points! 1:1!

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Simple solution is just to make every feature in the game choicebox.

But the keys have ran dry for the most part. Only the fifty in the weekly mission and war chests.

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Exactly. If you offer a 1:1 conversion, there’s no need to delay ever, and all collectibles would be the same. Sort of defeats the purpose of having different ones in the first place.

I keep going back to Sid Meier’s old quote: “A game is a series of interesting choices.”

Right now, you have an interesting choice to make: Do you go all out on one toon and boost your team strength, or do you delay and maximize your collectible effectiveness.

Only after they implement stacking please - the inventory is messy enough already. Adding 30 choice box As every war is already bad enough.

There were plenty in the Michonne event though.

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True. You should at least be able to get something with them though. Trainers, gear? Something.

Definitely. Pete was the first, and they apparently had no idea how to do things yet. It’s less of an issue with Priya and the later ones.

Conversion seems like a good idea, and I would not be surprized if they implement something like that. With the way the museum seems to work, they would need a different collection for every collectible, which would make a ridiculously messy place even worse…

My point was simply that there needs to be a penalty, probably around the 1:3 mark, maybe less.

There’s the other issue that this would be a straightforward way to upgrade your old choice boxes to newer ones, breaking the limited-time exclusivity of new toons. Lots of things to consider.

[ETA] Also, i hope if they implement some form of reuse for old collectibles, I would hope beach balls and plushies are first in line lol.

Forgot about the michonne event.

In hindsight, Pete was the worst one to go for first because you can’t get a second one. Also, everyone now has Pete but are struggling to beat all the Pete teams without priya. I went straight for priya. Still need 4,000 more keys for Pete although I have tons of these boxes to open.


More fool me for grinding to get Pete first then ay… maybe we can put the extra useless keys in the same place as our excess plushies went :man_shrugging:t2:
@JB.Scopely is there any update regarding this issue and the plushies?

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Know what i did with my plushie puppies? Spent them, already had Romanov as a 6* and i spent them to get Romanov as a 5* and now have him for 5* arenas but the main reason i spent them is cause i knew they would never use them again, they lied so they gpt people to grind, spend, hold onto every plushie and wait for them to be used again knowing they would never use them again.