We need the system on ranks in event to change

This has been said a lot before and I still don’t know why it hasn’t been changed. The rank systems are flawed, someone who gets 3m in solo level up should not get the same reward as someone who came 99 in ranks, this is highly unfair system at least make it the same as survival road or war. What’s the point in even trying when ur shoved to 11th and get the same reward as someone who didn’t try!


There are quite a few LONG OVERDUE tweaks that are requested again and again yet ignored by Scopely. “Keep surviving” and buy some overprized pixels, its updated soon im sure, scopely-soon.

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But let’s cut the new coders some slack. Legacy code is their bane.

I don’t look for scopely to do any update until after the God forsaken RTP event is finished

Sounds like you got bumped from top 10 towards the end. It happens but maybe they should tweak the brackets.

1,2, and 3 get there own reward. 4-10, 11-25, 26-50, 51-100,101-200, 201-500, 501-9999 aka the participant award. I am assuming something like this would require work and therefore it will never happen.

Keep surviving!

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Yeah it’s annoying when I’m in the uk and it finishes at 3am, I don’t mind being bumped down I just think we should be rewarded better for at least trying, then others who do a few and get the same reward

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Had a feeling. I’ve been there and it almost happened to me last night too. It finished at 1 am for me. I fell out of 10th with about 3 hours to go after being there for the entire weekend. I set my alarm and woke up with 20 min to go and saw that I was in 14th. I waited and with 5 min left to go cashed in my only 100k of the event and did some quick leveling to pop myself back into the top 10.

Yep, I need help. We all do. :grin:

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