We need the old style farmable gear maps!


I just open 25 of the gear boxes from the Elite Rare Gear roadmap. The RNG here is ridiculous. From 25 boxes I received 2x Topographic maps. This is the only item I actually need but for some reason can never get. Please give us back the older style gear maps where we can choose to farm a specific level for the gear we actually need.


Good luck with that, we’ve been asking for farmable maps since late January and it’s now September.


Actually got the 5 alpenstocks I needed today for once, usually the shit I want never drops


Im stuck on no night vision goggles. Might aswell depot the future ascendable blues cuz its gonna take ages to farm the night vision goggles required.


There are drops in all the gear roadmaps.


Yes we know that…we are talking about the old school farming gear maps that everyone preferred and loved. But as always, our feedback was constantly ignored in requesting it back.


I preferred it too, these RNG bags suck and I loved seeing the gear in my post game rewards screen.

Point is though he was asking for gear drops, and we do have those. It’s just that now only the last 2 stages drop them (and every time there is a gear map out it IS farmable)


No he wasn’t he was asking for the old school gear maps.


Didn’t read it cause I thought it was the typical farmable gear map complaint threads (the ones that are totally ignorant because all gear maps drop gear bags)



Ive been saying this since they changed them now hardly anyone can upgrade toons cos of lack of gear


AMEN to that, the old school roadmap was awesome, i always got and grinded gear from the old road, now for the first time i can’t even max out some 5\6* because of that. Is bullshit


Can we stop it with all these threads already? Its not gonna happen, we have Farmable crates, we have gear depot and the new leagues shop. Farming is the most boring part of this game, your not going to get everything handed to you


All green stun on attack team with attk lead should be able to handle this unless its a whale Lydia team with all stun resist mods (which in most cases it probably will be :face_vomiting::cold_sweat:)


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