We Need Test Tubes!

Those of us unlucky enough to have bought the 1st deal to get the flask to pick another path…
Before the further in offer was made…

We are missing Test Tubes…and there no where to be seen.
Where’s the offer for more?
You’ve sold us the flask but not enough Test Tubes.
It finsihes very soon.


Pretty stupid event offerings. Why can’t they ever be consistent. I know a few who got the flask and are like… WTF.

Then the $25 for area 3 dropped, and a few are short cause they mislabeled the Roadmaps.

Who’s surprised at the lack of quality.

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The real question on all this is what’s John weapon you can choose out of. I have abe and mira

I don’t want him just want the weapon I’m at the crazy bottleneck effect right now I have 8 toons to 6* but can only do 1

@JB.Scopely what’s the word on this? Will there be more offers or bags for test tubes?

@JB.Scopely @ForumAdmin…do something, we really need test tubes…not really fair by giving flask and deleted all test tubes in offer…

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We need offers though.
The bags are a total rip off and still wouldn’t be able to finish if you didn’t eat the 1% for 1k.

I’ve reported it, thanks for the heads up.


Thx @JB.Scopely…make scopely great again :+1:

Really starting to worry about this.

Those who bought the earlier deal for flask got screwed when offer came next day for cheaper and your further along to road.

Now we can’t finish to get what we paid for…the other character we missed.

I’ve had reasons to get a refund before but never done so.
If this isn’t handled this will be the 1st time I go for a refund…

Got ripped off with the bags once (buy 3 get offer but no offer)…won’t happen again.

Could have made a shorter timer on the bags and offered them again also, 18 hrs is a long time to wait and wonder if they pop up again

I can’t finish with them bags anyway,
Need 1k… bought offer.
Should have to spend another £40+ to get them when the other offer gives you them cheaper than the original offer.

Need 1k offer @JB.Scopely
This isn’t right.

I need 1k tubes to finish. Even if I bought all the coins bags, still wouldn’t have enough.

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I’m confused. Please remind me of that magical time when they were great? :smirk:


thanks @JB.Scopely

When they let trainees makes good offers for 1,09€ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

When they let trainees makes good offers for 1,09€ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lol, $25. I guess technically we could finish this now. Keep surviving!