We need something to play for

I’m so sick of this #pu bs and this Cc all people seem to be after is lame stuff like 6* gear and more museum collections how about what it was like when it was back in the 5* era when level ups you could get a new character that could benefit your defence or attack team by making you put in the effort, I remember when people used to put up 30k raid points for certain toons and it just seems like the excitement has been suck out of the game, bring back the excitement that was from back then and I’m sure people would be happy… and also new toons for war… #sortthisshitout


so you are sick of players united who are trying to change the game for the better but also you want the game to change for the better :thinking:


If you read what pu are changing it’s nothing special so expect nothing for the better

I was getting really bored of the game during the great 6* gear draught a few months back but since then we’ve had pathways, way more tier 4 6* gear, daily/weekly events, wheel refreshes, more collections and now arenas which are promising.

…if anyone seriously can’t see the improvements between now and a few months ago they’re blind. If they keep up regular refreshes and new events I’ll keep playing.

The only bad thing recently is S Classes being mad OP but they’re SO expensive I doubt I’ll see many for a while and if I do and someone has actually spent thousands on their team then ok they can beat me. This forum is so damn whiny


Putting an event maybe weekly or monthly with a great toon would definitely drive completion for it and be a fun change

So the seashell/beachball and this plush collection are good tournament structures? Boy your easy to please.


Ok you keep putting the time and effort in for crap ar trainers and crap tokens and will see where we are in 5 weeks time. I’m not been funny but most people now have all the characters released and it seems we are playing for nothing. @Bane it’s down to you and cc now hope you can sort this mess out

No they were terrible, I never said they were good

No one mention those events. Plushie is fine… that other event was so bad tho

Maybe reread your post. You said there has been improvement from a few months ago to now. The last two months have been a complete waste of time as I have not reached any of thenrequired amounts and scopely just takes them away.

I need an IQ test for everyone before they post #PU please work on that

This post is worse then my pete is f2p post


I did say there’s been improvement because I think there has been
If you don’t, I think you’re wrong

Pathways was a great event.

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Hmm did you actually read what PU is asking?

Because I think content refresh, basic gameplay upgrades, new content, smaller gap, better rewards, technical stability and fun balanced game is a pretty darn lot :wink:

I’m curious now - what are you missing from the PU list? I’m pretty sure it can be added :blush:


Pu has a laundry list of demands, some more theory than specific. No doubt they help push things.

I Saw few PU players with New toons …

I’m pretty sure what you are asking for here is what playersunited is asking for also.

players council is a good idea if you have the right people on it.
bane is possibly one of the best people to be on it, agree with lot of the imprpvements he reccomended plus he is always engaging with people here,.
As far as the game there have been some improvements, some good events like skull tokens and crossbones event,but also a lot of awful stuff, 4th anniversary event,summer tokens.
Hopefully improvements will keep coming and i hope the players council will push for them.


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