We need reassurance

So it appears that there are some very concerning things being said right now about the future of this game and not one scopely employee has even tried to dismiss these claims.

We deserve an explaination/some reassurance.

And If scopely isn’t planning on pulling the plug then please for the love of god improve the reward structure!

Oh and we lost 2 more players this weekend after yet another craptastic war :frowning:



Is that the Cooler?

Would be nice for something official from scopely … unfortunately all we’ve gotten is misinformation about the 40 pulls, no real explanation for why the war rewards were bad and the lack of f2p ascendables (“the meta” is not a legitimate response), and the horrible rewards for this level up


They just don’t give af what we want. They’ve made that painfully obvious over the last 6 months especially. With everything happening, it is much easier to believe they’re sunsetting this game into the ground as oppose to be willing to fix the issues.


Nobody from Scopely has denied these claims because it could be used as evidence in a lawsuit that they knowingly lied.


They are too busy deleting and closing threads from the weekend to actually address issues or reassure us. Think the non-answers speak loud enough

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Did a bunch of threads just go poof? I see the closed threads but did they delete any threads discussing their agenda?


Seems like revenue from apple users is going down every day/week.

I dont know about android


Although there’s no substantial evidence but the fact that every time it(the post from last week) was posted - the person was banned and it was instantly removed was a good sign it might be true. A good company would take it down, yes, but they did no proper follow-up saying that it was a false claim like a good company would do to reassure the players that this was not the case.

We need reassurance that the claims were not true, but the fact that the company alone has given none of that leads me to believe the post


We won’t get this reassurance from them for the reason posted above. It could be used in a future lawsuit


They went from a top 50 grossing game to below 100. Their installs have decreased dramatically also. I am sure it’s still profitable but at the rate it’s declining it won’t be for long.

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