We need more RED KEYS


I anticipate the tournaments starting Wednesday to have keys and batteries. Otherwise why run the maps… I could be wrong though.


Yer think they will coz that would leave most ppl just short of finishing scopely style


Its psychological conditioning. They want people to ‘learn’ that the best deals are only offered early, so they ‘know’ to spend on events instead of ‘risking it’ and trying to do them free.


I kinda doubt there will be, and if for certain you want Sandy/Bruce, you should not count on this. The level up could since it starts early AM on Wednesday, but SR starts 8pm eastern, leaving 7 hours before the event ends (you’d have to get through Elite in that time and run the roadmaps).

Just imagine there was 1 person, oh wait, 2 people, who’s job it was to inform the player base of such information, then players could plan properly. :roll_eyes::man_shrugging:


Your suggesting that @JB.Scopely has any idea what’s going on if he did it would be a first for sure!

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