We need more RED KEYS


I 've been working hard to earn those bloody Tires. Been doing it REAL HARD.

I haven’t miss a single red key that can be earned through various tournaments . Not one single key.

And now I realized that I will not be able to get either Bruce or Sandy at this rate.

I have many spare ‘batteries’. ( Bought some at the shop.)

Problem is I DON’T HAVE A GOD DAMN RED KEY to open the other roadmap!!!
( I always open the road rage one . )

I was thinking of quiting this game these days cause it’s not fun anymore.

I will quit this game if my hard work doesn’t pay off.


It never will. There is no end game. Only spend game.


whatever @pregolori^^^said…u gotta buy an offer or its impossible for a grinder tp get one of them


I have two spare keys (I would gladly give those to you)


I would be short about 3000 tires by doing all milestones and road rage daily… could recover from this by doing the 2nd roadmap if I buy the battery crate from featured and get 3000 batteries… however same issue, would be short 5 keys… very frustrating since raiding 3000 tires is ridiculous with drops of 3/5 most of the time


Scopely should put back 150 coins crate with red key it wasnt there for long


I have like 3000 spare batteries right now.


Reading replies, It seems it’s very clear that I’m leaving this game for good this time.
Well, it was about time.

OK, my server will have a NEW TOP 4th PLAYER.


I did the maths, no spending would need a serious amount of raiding to get Bruce or Sandy


Rage oh the rage…



I’m FTP and I burnt 140 raid cans this weekend which got me an impressive raid score of 15k and 5k tyres so I should be good to make it.

It’s not impossible it’s just hard and u need raid cans saved I missed first road rage map aswell.
If u have the cans raid your butt off and you’ll get there!


I can’t decide Bruce or sandy that’s my problem now!


There was two keys and 1000 tires yesterday for 1.99. I mean sheesh. They aren’t asking for a forty pull.


Don’t give them ur money not even 1.99!!!

Ur feeding the beast


Lol. I personally am up to 3 forty pulls for sandy. If someone told me when I pulled that I could get her for 4-10 dollars, I would have patiently waited. People need to get real. She’s a PREMIER toon. If she was back as a promo, she would make them so much money.


Well we have different attitudes to the game I wouldn’t spend a pound for a Jesus or Lydia nowdays.
I’ve been here since the start an screwed way to many times by scopely I play but I will never spend anuva cent.
Wish I cud quit tbh but I’m hooked lol


I really tend to only spend towards attack toons. Like Alice for instance. Makes the game a lot more fun. I don’t “play” defense.

But spending $4 to really increase your gaming experience for me isn’t a big deal. I waste so much money on stupid other stuff.


Yer my first account I spent few hundred on broke phone took them 4 months to recover account by that time I started again and my FTP was better than my main stopped pulling then and a few gates later I stopped spending all together.

Totally agree with u tho have only ever focused on attack toons makes game much more fun.


Some more math, hopefully all correct :+1:

As the event ends on 2/14 @ 0800 UTC, that is midnight PST on the 13th, so we can safely assume there a 5 more chances to run the tire roadmaps, from today the 9th through the 13th. That means to do them all, you will need 10 keys. There’s 3 more tournaments between now and Wednesday, that’s 3 more keys plus the batteries from the milestones.

Each tournament gives 1182 batteries in milestones, so 3546 from these.

Each run of the roadmaps takes 556 + 1099 batteries, so 1655 per day, to run both roadmaps each day would be 1655 x 5, or 8275 batteries.

Running Crusin map 15 more times would yield 36 x 3 x 5, or 540 tires.

The variable here is how many raids you can do and the average tire drop per raid. 5 seems to be the average from many reports, so 5 x 6, or 30 per can assuming a 100% victory rate. For each 1000 tires, you’ll need ~33 cans.

There’s not alot (or any) headroom without some sort of buy, whether coins or $, and you cannot fail on any map unless you want to raid (or buy) even more. Many also missed the roadmaps last Sunday since less keys were given due to war.

Good luck all!

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