We need more legacies

I have compiled a rough list of characters, who, if done right, could be good/great legacies :))

Carl (What Comes After)
Rick (Shiva Force)
Lilly (Starved For Help)
Lee (No Time Left)
Dwight (Call To Arms)
Glenn (Road To Survival, Edition #2)
“Jesus” (A New Beginning)
Kenny (Ties That Bind)
Garrett (Road To Survival #1)
“Jesus” (Ties That Bind)
Ezekiel (All Out War)
Dr. Stevens (Road To Survival #1)
Shiva (All Out War)
“Jesus” (Road To Survival #1)
Abraham (Life Among Them)
Joshua (The Road to Woodbury)
Michonne (Shiva Force)
Siddiq (In Too Deep)
Duane (Road To Survival #1)
Bruce (Too Far Gone)
Andrea (Made To Suffer #2)
Yumiko (Road To Survival #2)
Rosita (Road To Survival #2)
Maggie (Road To Survival #2)
Rosita (Road To Survival #3)
Sandy (Red, w/ Execution and Dual Pistols)
Negan (Road To Survival #1)
Kenny (Around Every Corner)
“Jesus” (Shiva Force)
Heath (March To War)


Knowing Scopely tho, even if all of these were to become legacies, 95% of them would be trash



@TheSteve don’t worry, I included both the Red and Green Kenny on the list :))

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Legacy S class

Konrad for Legacy S-Class :sunglasses:

Is this a list of your roster XD

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I have roughly half of these

most of the 5*s in my roster are shit

I sort of just sat and watched the 5* Recruit and Prestige Recruit Wheels, checking out 5*s and their rushes n shit, and decided “yeah that could be a good legacy” or “nope”

My wet dream is a legacy fast Priya

I saw the 5* Priya thing in the museum back when the blue one was released and I thought they made her ascendable and I just “y E S”

and then it was a blue version and I was filled with disappointment.

She needs to become a legacy

Otro sueño húmedo mío es escribir en español y que ninguno de ustedes mortales me entienda

I still use her as 5 stars and it is very useful to me, which shows how ■■■■■■■ broken she was in the five star era

I use her in the Classic Arenas, and her rush one hits just about every other toon I’ve used it on

Google Translate es útil

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Google translated “premier” like “primer minister”


They would all be crap though :frowning:

I mean, if Scopely hired someone with half a brain to make legacies, they could all be good/great

Unlike what we’ve got in the past

Some other good ones could be
Limited edition negan
Blue Human sheild Garret
Red Monica