We need more Benedicts!


Its pointless to have 2 million ascendance medals and 1200 legendary medals if you cannot use them. Please put more Benedicts in milestones. At least 4 a week. Maybe also put them in the depot in case we are desperate. 6* made all of our 5* worthless so at least help in the transition. Thanks.


I think they are giving them out at a good pace. You shouldn’t be so impatient




use 4stars to ascend crap 5stars and use those crap 5stars to ascend 6stars. you dont need to necessarily use benedicts for ascendance


I was thinking more to max out these 6*, i have enough ascendance fodder to ascend an army.


Let me think…nah, I want Benedicts. I have 175 5* and with 6*, Ulysses, Liliths, Adens, other trainers and 2* for leveling I have no room to collect 3* and 4*. I have used duplicate 5* up to this point.


That’s fine, but with having to level them first, I would rather use the resources on a character that I will actually use vs one that I am going to feed to another to make a 6 star. Maybe if they removed the level requirement to ascend to a 5 star it would be a more attractive option.


@RI8CAgE, they were. The pace has definitely slowed down.


I agree, we need more, many more please!


Yes we do. No dupes left. Don’t wanna burn useable toons.


You better leave him alone. With a profile pic like that you are in potential Danger when Cagie is around.


so you mean waste gear ? on 4s no thanks.


I already lost my yellow Lori, yellow Joshua and Dwight when I assented my Barker to later find out in the announcements they will become 6* <<<< this is why only benedicts should be used (or at a push duplicates)


I fully agree that we need this, I have many 5 * to ascend and I want to ascend soon.


Yellow Lori isn’t ascendable, it’s gonna be the neutralize alert one.The other two are going to be though. Unfortunate either way.


Availabiliy of Benedicts have completely dried up. I have a few more maxed out 5* like Tyrese, Yumiko and Siddiq whom I would like to ascend, but cant do it due to lack of Benedicts.
Unless I have a dupe 5*, I never use them for ascendance as they might turn out to be great 6* in the future. Hoping Scopely would bring back Benedics in larger number as tourney rewards (alongwith Ulysses ofcourse).


Didn’t you post recently saying you only had one account since people were blaming you for trolling and having multiple? I find it weird that the only person you agree with on this topic is R18CAgE which is the same name as you without the underscore and substitutes. Coincidence or Confess?


I’m in your situation, I have 3 or 4 ascendables but no Benedicts to use. It would be nice if they gave them in the maps, like Liliths, not like they drop a lot.



In 3* and 4* case you should get to last tier at any level and ascend.

That would make the process much smoother.


I completely agree. I also think Benedict’s would be an excellent addition and make ascending much more enjoyable. I do not want to give up my 5-star characters not knowing if they will become ascendable in the future.