We need more Benedic please


Nope. Basically the first 5/6 6* you created are the ones you are stuck with for a loooong time.


yep, i went with Mira lead and a range team and I will be stuck with it for bloody months. Carl team is there waiting as 5s - all of them


At least you had the choice. Still waiting to pull a Carl before I can even progress.


yeah but…you know, the grass is always greener on the other side. i now ish i went with melee lol


i was once told get them from lite items.


I hear you!


That’s great, but you apparently have heard us on reward quality also, yet nothing has been done. Maybe this is something that can be rolled into fixing prizes as well, a bag with several Benedict’s (a fixed amount, not randomly 1 to 8 with most being 1) would be a welcome addition to most reward structures.


Honestly if like to see.

  1. New roadmaps running beside wood giving 4s tokens. Full run through = 2 10k. Routine repeat.

  2. More Benedict’s in milestones at reasonable levels 500k lvl score 2.5 k raid, 100k war

  3. Top level prizes competitive, ascendable 5s

I’m willing to grind the 4s ascension but come on, we need access to a means to grind this out. This also means enough flak and beanies to keep the flow.

I am not willing to buy these or do any pulls unless I’m flush with 5s fodder cause where is the excitement iin pulling a 5s ascendable instead of the 6s version when you have to wait 3 month for enough fodder to feed.


I agree.


Scopely could just include all basic trainers as milestones rewards, but instead they thought it’s a good idea to give another Brady at 2000 points and Basil as the last reward.