We need more Benedic please


Made a easy way to get more benedic please


Complete agreement


Can you please make them more available? Because people are running outta 5*s, because they’ve mostly become obsolete. Cheers @kalishane


@kalishane and this does not mean a main reward for events FYI! up the drop rate have them as SR daily reward roadmaps list goes on.


Daily reward would be a great idea! Maybe twice a week or so


As much as I would like to see this, I don’t think this is going to happen.

At least as long as Scopely decisionmakers believe a Benedict is worth 30 bucks.


I’m sure they’ll put Benedict as rewards


Scopely says: 7448EB0F-ECB2-42CD-A455-53AFD245F021

Seriously tho, they need to do this. Especially with faction assault coming out. For that we all need deep rosters and we can’t have that if we eat all our 5*s to ascend.


Just a friendly suggestion, I feel they have given us plenty of opportunity to obtain Benedict through collecting elite tokens. Takes some work of course but
I get most of my Benedict’s from elite token items, which I gather from daily missions, raids, tourneys and collect most from territories (involves being very active in territories to hold onto the areas that produce the tokens) I must admit a bit of a drought lately as I get Burt, and hiking boots a lot haha but Benedict does come through often enough from there. It also takes plenty of willpower not to use him for levelling and to save for ascending instead of using 5* fodder to achieve a deep roster (Just a friendly tip) Keep on surviving :slight_smile:


Stop asking for handouts, and save up your elite tokens for a chance to get him.



1 Benedict + 6 useless crap + 50k wood = 29.99 pop up offer


Keep on surviving!


Yeah, a ‘chance’. We all know what Scopely’s definition of a ‘chance’ is.


All I get from elite tokens the last month are hiking boots and Burts. Every ten or so pulls I might get a 3* trainer. They’ve definitely messed with the elite token wheel. I haven’t seen a benedict anywhere in over a month. And why is farmable gear even in that wheel? It’s just another way to scam us into buying trainer crates. No thank you


Don’t talk to damn stupid. 20k elite tokens for a 10 pull, you would be LUCKY to get one in 20 as benny, you need 8 to 6* a single character… so ~ 180-200k elite tokens… ooooooor buy a few of their $40 lvl up bundle ripoffs.

But yeah… I guess people should stop asking for ‘handouts’, you moron.


6s used to be rare.
Once you had you starter set for the war break…(all the legendary medals, Benedicts, etc…) then it was going to dry up and gaining a 6
through Ascension was going to be a long process.

THIS is were that goes wrong.

Scopley up the power level of 6s making 5s useless apart from 1 or 2.
Now to compete players need a team of 6*s.
BUT there’s only ever been a few released unless you spend.
And the gear…well that returned to be a hard get…still in the old style plans before Scopley panicked.

Making the game tiresome and having players build near identical teams.

If only Scopley could come up with a plan for the future…and maybe let there players in on it…maybe we could help each other go in the right direction while making players WANT to spend money and not need to.

Instead Scopley seem to plan a day at a time…never really knowing what they will be doing in a weeks time.
They are really trying to shut the game down as gently as possible as I’ve never seen a business handle something so poorly since Skyrim on the PS3.


Seriously? Those tokens are generally known as Burt tokens!


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so am day one player makes me oldest here you young whippersnappers


One of the things that Scopely is good at is making full use of your roster. Survival Road, territories and faction assault will require a full and varied roster but war, raid and level ups require strong 6* characters. The two are only compatible for a limited period of time. It has become easier to get 5* toons now and Benedict should be part of that. I like the idea of Benedict of being a daily reward but I doubt that will happen so we do need to see him more in tourney rewards, elite training camps and both Elite and Prestige token pulls. I’ve ascended four characters already and hope to have my Kirkman yellow Negan ready to ascend by the weekend. However I have already used my Benedicts and duplicates so will have to get rid of some toons that I was planning on keeping - like a lot of people I like ‘collecting’ the toons and don’t have the strength in depth in some areas - (Yellow walker team, Green attack team for example) - to lose the likes of Sophia or Green Morgan without damaging my SR team. Some might argue that this is part of the game, I’ll just have to wait until I have toons I can sacrifice and choosing who and when is a strategic decision we all have to make but it sticks in my throat to lose 8 perfectly good and useful 5* toons and the collecting/listing mentality of a lot of people makes this hard. More Benedicts will help immensely.


Pulled 35 on elite tokens and did not get a single Benny.