We need more ascendance medals


We need more ascendance medals, i have right now 18 legendary toon’s, 4 toon’s waiting to be ascended crapload’s of 5* toon’s to waste on ascension and only have 100 orange coin’s and 150.000 silver ones.

There are some toon’s i want to try to pull, but why should i spend if i will not get the toon to 6* anytime soon?

Please make a farmable way to receive a few coin’s everyday besides the survival road crate(i buy it everyday). Do some ascendance medals weekly roadmap’s with enough to ascend 1 toon every 2 week’s at least.


I would love a regular map. Even if they threw some silver medals in with rewards I’d be happy.


there is a box in survival road depot. I take it everyday. In a month you are close tu up a 6* toon with it. But agree with you. Need more medals!!!


You can always buy the daily sr box for the same outcome of 5 legendary medals and 6,300 silver medals


I buy it daily, i even wrote that on my first post, still not enough to keep with the toon’s i get. I have Rick from this event, third Shiva, second red gov and gator that i want to ascend + another blue TY and eugene that i am thinking


We defenitly need more…


14 6* here, a lot of attempts for Rosa, a few here and there to get Sid, Josh & Gator. Still have like 6 or so 5* to ascend to 6*. Could use some medal roadmaps :flushed:


I got plenty of 4* that i am not ascending because i do not want to waste the silver ones


We need a lot more of everything but we already know what were gonna get.

  1. Silence
  2. Not a damn thing


you forgot to add overpriced offers for the things we need to progress in the the game.

Progression = $$$ in scopely’s eyes!!!