We need mo lightning reflexes toons

Some call parting shot two however i see it as a bond one you see let’s think of a green red or blue toon all with lightning reflexes on them so for example green hersh with lightning reflexes and je has a stun katana… You physically can tell kill hersh now can i mean if you do that your free to stunned and your nice shiny mira rush to stun 3 now not only has to charge up again but your stunned so she can’t act… Yeah see this is one way ligthning reflexes could be dedly no one wants a that shiva u just killed revived yet you can’t take hersh because it costs u a toon so insted of leaving poor Eugene and that unless 4* blue Connor being the only lightning reflexes and make some more just make some more :slight_smile:


Negan has it on Tank.

Couldn’t understand 90% of OP but I agree with title, cool skill that is underutilized


Yeah lightning reflex is an underutilized abilities. Perhaps they didn’t want to code the necessary parts to make it work.

Stun, - 30 ap, impair would all be very interesting combos (green, red, blue).

Unfortunately we only see it on yellow Eugene.

Hell yes bring me green stun swinging or blue double attacking lighting reflexs bitches!!