We Need Less Tournaments!


Doesn’t sound like a faction i would want to be part ofnif I was in that region. This is a game, not a job.


What is it you suggest we do without tournaments during the week? Just farm?

Tell your friends to go play FarmVille if that what they want to do.

This game should always be about tournaments and war.


Various: Actually, I can’t sit it out since participating is the only way to get the event items. And I have to put in a good effort, or I won’t even succeed in that since apparently I need to be at least top hundred to hit that milestone.

But honestly, I feel like all I’m doing is farming. Just Raids two days. Survival Road, these two. Level Ups. Etc. They don’t feel special. They just feel like schedule of which days I’m gonna do certain things. I just want tourneys to feel exciting. And have a break from constant drains on the same resources (albeit,

Verdeiwsp: “Even if you’re low on resources, you can still score low and somewhat benefit. Two of the solo LUs were during a busy time of my week, so I aimed really low, like top 500 with around 40k score, and took home 2.5k 5* tokens.”

That’s great. And that’s what I’ve done. Unfortunately, you do not get the parts you need for the event rifle with that score. You’re not even close to the first Milestone. You need 250K to get the rifle. And I am sure it will be the same this weekend. And of course, for Dwight.

But you right. It has been a decent source for 5-star coins.

Yama: “Good stuff.”

You know what, that’s a much better idea. Same stuff every week is tiring. Like I said, it gets boring. More variety would help both with boredom factor and the resource crunch.

So, OK. I’m going to rescind my idea of less tournaments. But Scopely needs to do something to spread them out. Faction Assault will hopefully help.

Alex: "What is it you suggest we do without tournaments during the week? Just farm?

Tell your friends to go play FarmVille if that what they want to do."

Just so we’re clear, I am speaking for myself only. No one in my faction is suggesting the same thing.


Faction assault isnt an event, its a permanent feature like survival road


Yeah, but I’m figuring they can come with a tourney format for it like SR.


doesnt look like thats a possibility certainly from beta, i can see them release limited time bosses but any tournament is mute as theirs a limit of attacks daily , and tokens earned etc,so active factions will all score the same


Yeh I know it is but it shouldn’t be. More actual pvp battle formats should be created.

Not more ways to farm for pointless stuff to farm some more…


I’ve hardly participated in this current lvl up, scored 250k by finishing off a few 5*s that were tier 4 lvl 70 & such like, when ever YGL or B&M showed up.

Got the gun parts, will score a few 5* tokens & have saved my resources for the faction level up this weekend which will be changed to solo on Friday.


No event participation is mandatory and if there’s things you want, then it seems that it’s in your better interests to be prepared and not have everything just there at your leisurely disposal. A little hard work goes a long ways, not that there’s really any hard work in this game.