We Need Less Tournaments!


I know this is a radical idea that many are going to disagree with, but with this Level Up, I’ve been having a lot of my faction members complain they are running out of characters to level up. Now, with Milestones being increased (but the rewards being as crap as ever), it’s getting too much.

Have less tournaments. Definitely, keep the weekend tourneys. But just have one or even none during the week (vary it up, maybe sometimes have none, and sometimes have one).

And then, you can actually give us better prizes since rewards are given out less often.


Then they can sit out this one and why do less tournaments if other people can still participate it sounds a bit selfish.


They don’t have to participate in every single solo level up tournament. They should be saving them for faction level ups, or at least some of them. I know if you aren’t doing the solo level up though then there is nothing to do. I don’t think that would give them incentive to give us better rewards because they are being given out less often.


That’s why you save characters and not use all of them at once


We have been crying about balance for months.


If you don’t want to participate just don’t participate, your not forced to compete.


My god. That’s the first thing you’ve ever said that I agree with.


I’m not a bad guy and you should stop treating me as if I am. Now lets keep this personal stuff out of the forum.


Exactly. Why hurt those that want to participate?

Even if you’re low on resources, you can still score low and somewhat benefit. Two of the solo LUs were during a busy time of my week, so I aimed really low, like top 500 with around 40k score, and took home 2.5k 5* tokens. Very worth it for the amount of effort put in.

Additionally, tournaments is how most of us are getting a bulk of our 5* tokens. Less tournaments means that people can’t go further with their roster if needed.


Why not just sit this one out? People really feel forced to put up massive scores with rewards like this? I feel sorry.


And now I hate you again…




Nope nope nope.

I’m enjoying this period where one tournament seems to flow into the other. Provided the mix is right and there is a proper balance of solos and factions I’m all for tourney after tourney


I like the idea of many Tournaments. Sometimes im using something and the other Facs doesn´t use anything. Sometimes its the reverse case.


This is hilarious. For years there have been many threads asking Scopely for more tourneys. Just play the ones you like.


We don’t need less tournaments, we need


I have a revolutionary idea you might not like or agree with, they don’t have to participate in the event if they don’t have the materials. There is absolutely nothing in this game that requires you to play every event, every roadmap, purchase every offer or whatever. Besides, when people who finish top 10 when they do play, if they don’t play every event that makes room for others to get top 10. Your friends are greedy


Honestly its not the amount of tournaments we have its the lack of variety, when was the last faction SR? how about faction level up? , If they simply ran more varied tournaments instead of solo level constantly it wouldn’t be a problem


I think the trouble it is the frequency of the same kind of tournaments.
En example: today is still running the single level up tournament… two days and again a level up… faction, but again level up.
Last week another level up… the week before, the same.
Of course, this is a little boring.
Maybe a shorter time…
I know this events:

  • solo survival road
  • faction survival road
  • solo assault
  • faction assault
  • solo level up
  • faction level up
  • regional war
  • war
  • blitz war
  • territory (the worst kind of event ever :sweat_smile:, it needs a big work of restyling before to come out again)
    A better turnation it is possible.


The thing is there’s actually a faction out there that requires their members to participate even if the event is stu*id. Failing to comply means being kicked out of the faction, barbaric, right?!