We need league points for clearing walkers


@JB.Scopely Leagues have killed territories. There are no league points for clearing walkers so nobody wants to do it so they just stay that way. So, whats the point of territories if you are promoting them to be destroyed. If we got points for attacking and clearing walkers it would solve this problem. Please explain what can be done about this. Either that or remove league points from territories altogether and maybe give them towards the World and Road maps. Either way something should be done.


Or points accrued for holding a territory…

Or points accrued for killing a toon when defending…

Or anything really that actually encourages play g the game mode as it was intended.


too hard to code mate, this is scopely we talking about, you should be recommending paying for a crate with odds on getting the ability to get points for killing walkers
that will come in instantly


Reward = pts type (with season/leg identifier)

  1. User Clicks rewards.
  2. Rewards contain faction/solo earnings.
  3. Add to total score if leg matches current active leg.


Please. Enable LONG CLICK on territories when adding this =-)


Just scrap the glitch territories altogether. Save the player base a ton of head aches


Getting trophies from attacking walkers does not solve the problem. People will still leave every spot to walkers.

Award trophies only when holding a spot for an hour.

To sweeten the pot award double when holding the entire section.


they add this code and it prolly kill war for 2 months


You all need to learn how to work together I play in 2 regions are map doesn’t even look like that anymore


Also people need to stop asking for points clearing walkers it’s only going to be same problem with the white out map


Points for holding and defending is the way to go. Our map is as white as my azz. Completely out of control.


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