We need justice, Scopely!

You did not find a complete circus in this game? The game is 4 years old, an anniversary, a holiday, hopes for the appearance of good gifts. What do we get? An event that requires 101% activity and farm, in order to get … Sergio?..
The worst character you could ever think of (perhaps exaggerated, but in the top ten worst, obviously abides, given that the characters are already under two hundred almost).
And they also did an event where you have to go all the way on the road-tour, 1.4M at lvl-up tours every time, in raids 2400 every time. And all, to did 30 opens and get your wretched gift for the holiday of the game that you have been playing for several years. The introduction of this event and this character as a gift to loyal players is the most disrespectful thing that Scopely has taken it into their heads to do. And now they are making for donated the most fierce character in the history of the game, which breaks the balance.
Two tought attackers. One is the total garbage but free of charge is given to players in honor of the holiday, which happens once a year (not really free, you still have to try to get it, outrageous, isn’t it?), and the second just like that, without a reason, a fit for donaters to take money from them.
Why am I leading all this. Scopely already has no conscience at all, they shove garbage for non-donaters like Sergio, Romanov, Jackson and others, and they take money from donaters in exchange for disbalance characters like Pete or Priya. Honestly, this is normal when donaters receive a product of better quality than non-donaters. But not to the same extent, dammit!
They update wheels, make them better and add more ascendable characters, but this is still random and they drops not everyone. Scopely urgently needs to give non-donaters players better content, since they give to donaters such as Priya. No need to improve wheels and add new ascendable there. No need to do events where you need to sweat for the sake of Sergio or Romanov. You need to do normal events where you do not need to jerk in every tournament in order to take a place as high as possible for the sake of awards, which will eventually turn out to be garbage. We need more accessible events which are will not make from us a high ranking machine. Which will give better rewards, better characters than Sergio and Romanov.
Well, of course, you need to respect yourself as well, because they have probably already forgotten what does that mean. For such an event on the anniversary of the game with such a character as a reward, will be invented and implemented only by very not good people, in which there is not a drop of respect either to themselves or to their players. You only care about money. Every day more and more.
See how much you devalued your own game with your actions!



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