We need higher Level up milestones

No thanks 3 million is just fine.
Would like the 2 Liliths back for top milestone though.
2 Ulysses lol who needs Ulysses???

what about new players?

I’m calling shenanigans on this thread… given what’s going on today on tho forum and with the community why start a clearly inflammatory thread about INCREASING milestone rewards in events… smoke and mirrors to break down unity

The milestones are high enough if anything we need to lower them

I second that. No thanks

Tell me what happens when you run out of those trainers???

If they keep the current ones and add new and better ones on top, then they will have motivation to do well in level ups. The current milestones and rewards don’t do much for newer players.

i started a new one chim…with 20 ish world energy and no gear…its a struggle bus…but fun as well.

No! We dont need higer milestones in LvL up

Hahahaah omg :joy::joy::joy:

Yeah in the current meta I’m sure it’s pretty hard for newcomers, especially if they decide to be f2p. Hopefully that’ll change soon.

I agree let’s add 4 zeros after each milestone!

wtf no
lower the better, add a few extra without cha ginger the existing!

Trainers will eventually dwindle and then a new post will be made to lower it… lol

People get rich with trainers all a sudden then don’t know how to act.


Flex :muscle:

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please no

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Member when level up milestones gave us ascendables?

Obviously I meant higher milestones and higher rewards. How would you feel reaching 30M for a Harper? Exaggerating obviously to prove a point.

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