Title says it all.

This gear bottle neck needs to STOP!!

Fs can’t even take my new Shield past Tier 2 cus I need effin practice Dummies!!! Need Dummies for another T2 Toon I pulled.

I ain’t paying for gear after paying for a toon. Get the finger out eh! FFS.


You know what’s even worse than the gear stranglehold? When they finally do give us another museum gear collection all the people who will thank them for doing so.

I believe it’s called Stockholm syndrome. :smirk:


Aye exactly. Was supposed to be another one upcoming “Soon”…

Absolute joke. Stupid league store doesn’t cut it. And the food depot I mean gear depot is full of useless shit you don’t need unless your crazy enough to be still levelling 3 & 4* :joy:


That’s why I just completely stopped leveling toons I will never use just for points. Especially since they decided to run one 24/7 now.

I mean look at the “rewards” all they are is like 1/6th of a required piece of gear. The math dosen’t add up.


When money becomes the determining factor for a product not how can I make my product better and my customer happy this is what you get. This game went from a great game to play with friends from around the world to this. Sure you had the mega whales that had all the great new characters and spent an absurd amount of money on well everything but that was ok cause you could still play either as ftp or casual spender and level what you had and it was fun. Now everything comes at a price. Friends are what keep most of us coming back but that’s quickly becoming not enough. The lack of gear is only another in the long line of if you really want it wait a month to collect enough or buy it. In a game like this where leveling characters is at the root of the game the items to level them should never be withheld and available mainly through purchase. They constant cash grab is really becoming sickening. The community is suffering for the greed of Scopley and as anyone can see by the constant offers for these basic items they don’t care.


Yeah mate I’m the same now, just levelling the ones I’m gonna use for war and stuff.


Exactly this man. Couldn’t have said it any better myself.


It is ridiculous. If I cash in all my league tokens, coins and everything else I can t4 One of my many characters, which I won’t do because who knows when I’ll get more gear and might be a character in new league store worth getting. They are just sitting there.

Been trying to build a focus, decapitate team. Have the characters to do it but can’t level them. No wonder we see the same teams over and over.

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Reminds me of the old days when leveling a 5* was hard af and took forever

Gear to t3 and t4 6*s in a gear map @JB.Scopely it’s been over a year since they have been released why is this not happening yet

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@JB.Scopely lets just keep ignoring this topic. I haven’t been able to change my team in over two months now. I have so many toons I want to level. This is killing the game.


@JB.Scopely obviously it forces players to spend $$$ on gear to lvl up because we know why. You have your answer.

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couldnt agree more with most of the posters comments, its insane that they think league store and the single pieces you COULD purchase with gear markers as enough. maps for all gear levels needed to already be in game(and farmable per stage for a certain piece of gear) and if scopes arent willing to make maps available, make all levels of gear available for gear markers(makes sense with the name) and make the quantity you can purchase 999(like food). too many have toons sitting t2, t3 etc. its hard to wanna put effort and/or money into the game when you know that even if you get your desired toon, most likely you wont be able to either ascend it or at the very least max tier3 as a 6*

So 1-2 percent of the player base spends money on gear, and the other 98 percent get fed up… seems like a smart strategy. But this is scopely.

That stash has some nice things in theee, I got a canteen, but we need a more steady income of the t3 6* Gear like sheathes and dummies and whatnot.

Shouldn’t have to pay for gear after you have paid for a toon. League store is for when you are desperate for say one piece of gear, or like me and bought what you could, leaving yourself still short for the required gear.
It’s bloody frustrating to have toons you want to use for war, Raids et veterans but can’t cus they stuck at T2 :thinking:

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The forum is broken. Every time a user withdrawals their comment, it marks them lol.

I cant even bother to ask a certain someone anymore. He never responds to this subject.
Why? Because there isn’t a gear collection in the works. This is how it is.
Complete BS. Game is F* unless you give in and spend of course :wink:
Yeah right. Not me. :-1::-1:


Yeah it just done it to me also :joy:

Nah me neither man, not for gear anyway. Used up league tokens, opened a few in the stash, and the gear I need also hasn’t been in the FA store. Utter joke :sob:

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The stash is garbage. If you somehow manage to complete it, you will have enough gear to upgrade one toon of each trait to tier three. Then you’ll be stuck there for another six months till we get another similar event. Unless you choose to upgrade TWO of the toons you have that have been stuck at tier three for the last six months to tier four with the two GPS/canteens. This is so fucked.

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