We need gear maps



last week 3x level up and today will come another one

we need gears :slight_smile:

we need elite & ultra rare gear maps. (preferably elite rare gear map first)

please do something…


Please do something about the food shortage in the game as well.

Even increasing the rate at which farms produce food would be a start. Up it by 50%. Should be easy enough to do before implementing a better food roadmap or replacing the amount of wood SR drops to food.

that’s not about this topic but
actually to much foods dropping. Just not directly, sell 2* gears. play 16.1 every tour 60-100k foods

I was used to be out of 2* characters to level my 5*, since the 6* came out all my food is one and I have like 1k 2* ready.

And no You Got Lucky mission for a week, but that crap 200 4* tokens pop up every freaking day.

Lol if you actually read forums you would see there is a general lack of food for upgrading toons.

You can have as many gear maps as you want, but without a food increase… You’re stuck using world refill after refill farming maps to get a What? 100k food? Are you joking? Do you even have 6s? Because 100k food isn’t even enough to do 1 high tier level 6 toon.

yes, I know actually I did take Dwight & gun in prestige 7, no YGL mission. I am used 50kk foods. But YGL mission is enough I think. 100k Xp in 12 hr pretty good. just need 50g for cooldown but ads give 100g everyday. only problem is gears I think. 8 energy for 100k food not bad… If you play long time, you will understand to much food going waste… Then you will start crafting High Replenish on workshop for save %50 foods :slight_smile:

Seems like its been awhile since an elite gear map

I need elite, ultra, gloves, shirts, ascendance medals, benes, Liliths, Ulysses


Wonder if we will get a gear map tonight…

10PM PT! 24 hours. Elite Rare!


you are the best

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We need a legendary gear map

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Who ever used to post the tyreese screen cap of him going look things are getting dire here we need supplies. First time I saw that I was out in public on the train huddled over laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe lmfao that was comedy gold. tip my hat to that gent that was too damn funny!

thank you so much

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Thank you for the info!

And there it is, 24 hours of farming for gear.


Whoever was supposed to push the button at 10:00 must still be at the vending machine…

He had one job. One job. Push the button at 10:00 pm, that’s all he had to do.

Shane, I don’t fault you because you are merely relaying the info to us but at some point you need to go over to their desk with a loaded stapler and not be afraid to use it.


Maybe he is playing life is strange :joy::joy::joy:

@kalishane will you add next gear maps start time on event calendar?
If we were informed a few days before the start, it would be good.