We Need Flak Jackets


Suggestion- we need Flak Jackets, I have 0 Flak Jackets and I cannot level any of my characters!
I suggest you release an Elite gear map every 6 hours. We complete the map and get the Flak and Beenie at the end, it refreshes after 6 hours and we can complete and get other set of Flak and beanie at the end. Have a week of this, elite gear map refreshing every 6 hours, then you will see happy players.

Feedback- the lack of gear is really harming the game and causing lots of frustration.
PS. Having an “Offer” pop up today selling a Flak and beanie set for $9.99 is super cheeky when you know people so frustrated already! I AM NOT PAYING THAT

Aknowledgement that something is being worked on will be appreciated! One gear map is just not enough though, as most likely I will only get 1 Flak from it. I need about 20-30 Flak Jackets!


I have all the Flak Jackets I need. No Beanies. I have 4 5 stars (including some good ones like Revive Hershel and Ascendable Carl) and 4 or 5 4 stars (2 of them I plan on Ascending with enough 4 stars fodder to do it).


Well, I wasn’t asking for that (and I agree that is too much), but wasn’t there supposed to be weekly maps with the rise of 6-stars? Or at least bi-weekly? Or I’d be happy with just getting a Beanie instead of another stupid Flak Jacket.


I’m a chronic seller of stuff and now with 6*'s i find 5* stuff piling up. Maybe its because i farm the maps when they are available. I do end up getting low on, right now for instance, rebel 5* gear, only because its needed a few times when starting to lvl 6*'s as well. I run Carl, kitty, barker, zeke, and skatergirl attack now and its beast but sandy is still at t1 because i’ve been kicking my gear to others… I’m also a f2p for the most part player, just an fyi.


I guess that’s the problem with this whole RNG thing.
I have 3 flaks atm. I haven’t been “lucky” these past two months for them to drop when a gear map does go live (has it been two weeks now, going on three?) despite farming it when they’re available.
Just because you aren’t having a problem now, doesn’t mean you won’t be having a flak shortage soon.


How do you not have enough flaks already? You must not be in a top 5 faction and using your resources wisely. I have over 90 flaks and beanies and sell them all the time. Have plenty of 5* and 6* to use them on also not even a big spender. We don’t need things for free when you can easily farm the maps, buy them drop the depot at cheap prices. Stop being greedy and earn them. Don’t waste them on weak 5* that all the f2p players got when scopely started giving away free 5*, if some were smarter then they wouldn’t be complaining. That’s what happens when people get stuff for free so fast, they waste it and then complain when they don’t have enough.


I’m a day one player who decided to start again in a different region as my old region was boring and dying. I started in the new region in about March. Currently in in the top 3 faction in a very competitive region. Finished 4th in cross regional war. Having started again this means my roster is constantly changing as I get better characters. Also have zero maxed out 4s that I can use for ascendence and severely lack 5s for 6* ascrndance.

Also I get Wool Beanies way more than I get Flak Jackets. Every time it’s a chance between the two in some prize crate it’s always the damn wool beenie. At one point I had 15 wool Beanies and 0 Flak Jackets.

And I definitely would not say I just want things for free. I just want to be able to upgraded my characters that I’ve worked damn well hard to obtain!


More like we need School bags because Scopley keeps giving me talkies every time. This is bs lmao. They upped the rates to get talkies more than bags.


Based on what I’ve heard other people’s experiences are, I believe all of our accounts are set up to have a skewed ratio of Flacks:Beanies and Bags:Walkies.

U may be short on beanies or you may be short on flacks, but chances are you are short on one of them and always pull the one you don’t need from boxes containing one of the other.

I hav 20 more beanies than flacks and 20 more walkies than bags.

You would assume after a kind period of time these corresponding items would balance each other out if there was truely a 50:50 chance

But most people I speak with have way too many of one or the other and hardly anyone is balanced out properly, hence why I believe our accounts are predestined to be scarce in one of the two pieces of gear.


That’s why suggested a map that refreshes so that at least you get a set of BOTH rather than trying to farm it and getting the item you don’t need and not getting the one you actually need.