We need better Offers

Hey Scopley I have been awaiting for a good deal in offers but all of them are over priced or just not equal to the value it is up for maybe put up offers that are actually good instead of that 100$ C💩

Js I’m not a whale if your wondering

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I want less offers. They aren’t going to come up with better offers anyways. So imho it’s just better to reduce the amount of goddamn popups. :man_shrugging: :joy:


The most disgusting ones are the one that say “fast Gear” or "great deal only 100$)


I think it’s comical when the “great value” phrase is used… Great Value is when you can get stuff you need for less than $10. Just because a developer throws some incense, a grenade and 2 deluxe replenish does not make anything a great value…

A great value would be a loot crate with 50/50 odds instead of 99.99999/.00001 …

A great value would be enough trainers and gear to level a card one tier, instead of barely enough to level a card one tier.

“Not a value” describes packages with loot crates and garbage code. So, use some truth in advertising.


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