We need armory tokens

And we also need tshirts and gloves for training survivors. I’m not going to write a book on why we need these things but I’m not doing 500 missions for 500 tshirts which run out faster than we can get it due to all these damn level up tournaments y’all keep throwing at us


I’m in desperate need of these. I have zero shirts and only 20 gloves left. I’m getting more survivors trying to farm for them than I can train :unamused: that offer to buy them for coins should be put up regularly but I haven’t seen it in ages.


Do what we old timers used to do when level ups first became a thing. SIT SOME OF THEM OUT AND SAVE YOUR SHIT. Just saying… :wink:

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But we still need to keep training grounds going whether we do level ups or not.

No. You just think you do.

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Is it not part of the game to train survivors in order to level up characters and improve your teams? Guess I’ve been doing something wrong these last 4 years.

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Its part of the game but not something you have to build your life around. Think outside of the game. Live life

Don’t worry theres like 7k armory tokens worth in the faction raid milestones today :+1: They have heard you

What did I hear you rightIMG_2415

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