We need answer!

is there more red key or higher drop rate in raid for tires .for not waste cans or time and ending without got it .
Plz no noob telling me buy offers


They won’t answer, we’ve been trying to get them to answer that for days. I normally never buy anything but Sandy will be perfect for me. Got the keys for $2 each

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im a pro telling you to buy offers!


You are pretty close so it’s up to you. Even if you get 2 keys you may not get there

No way i can do to buy offers. Some countries don’t have Google cards to do it. Jus fyi

They happily take any regular credit or debit card

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But if you’re waiting to see if they will have keys for coins again I wouldn’t count on it. If there is a toon u really want then I wouldn’t let just a few $ for some keys stand in your way. I dropped $4 for Sandy. I’m sure that some dropped hundreds for her when she first came out

You will get no official answer because that is something they never do but you can be certain that no extra tires will be dropping and no more keys outside of the single one given as a milestone for each event. We don’t even know how many more events will provide batteries and keys. The two on Monday could be the last, perhaps the one’s on Wed will as well, or maybe even the ones this weekend were the last.

They keep things vague on purpose it makes people spend more.

This was never intended to be completely F2P. They gave two toons out that should easily be achievable for the average player Beta and Sophia. They put the two better ones out of reach for any f2p player who is not truly “dedicated”.

That being said there were a few very reasonable (for them anyway) deals so far. First being the starter one because for $10 you got 2k in tires and batteries along with 4 extra keys. Also yesterday had had a $1.99 deal for 1k in batteries with 2 extra keys.

So bottom line is it worth spending $10-25 dollars for a decap or disarm? That is up to you to decide.


The red key roadmaps only refresh once a day. We only have 5 days left on the event so there is a limit of how many tires you can get. Do the math to see if its worth it
Im way too lazy to do the math so let me know how many tires you can get a day from doing both maps <3

It’s about 1600, but I only count 4 days, excluding this one so 6400 left from maps

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I need 3k more :sunglasses:

I bought the first offer and one key offer just got done today. That is one cheap six star for this game!!


There were four keys and 2000 batteries availble for $4 total yesterday. I mean they never said it would be free (even though it could be if you get lucky on drops). If your not willing to spend $4, get beta or Sophia.

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Never change Hassan

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:heart: Hassan

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You’ll be fine with the 400-50o more level ups in a row.

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