We need another 6* gear museum event


We need the gear museum event to continue but with t3 and t4 gears like it used to be, cant lvl up alot of toons.


Please add it -_-


Hopefully its coming soon.


I’ll assume a week or 2 who knows how long “near horizon” is


the safe bet is 1 or 2 days after the Anniversary collection ends


Yes please! The gear shortage is unreal and hindering my progression. A few dozen Liliths and Ulysses would be great as well. :wink:


This is true I need it but would like something much better roadmap we can farm not S1000+++ or just change the gear we need and get rid of 6 stars yes yes that’s much better :slight_smile:


Whatever happened to the legendary gear maps we were told about like a year ago? :man_shrugging:t2:


They could end this collection now and keep my shovels if they started a gear one tomorrow lol.


They’d rather throw this shit at us…

Maybe if it had a gps and canteen with it


And include lower tier legend gear this time! I need sports gloves and tripods!!!


Couldn’t agree more. I have no interest in the shovel event. GIVE ME THE GEAR. I have so many toons I need to get up to T4. Right now on the list Wayland, Green Alpha, Green Bruce, Winter Michonne, Green Garrett and Yellow Yumiko


Yes lots of canteens and gpses and all 6* gear


We have Onslaught now to get our gear!


Nice try, but no…


We need a farmable roadmap like the ones that’s currently active we need to be able to farm topographic maps and gas masks and shizzle I’m always running out of that low gear


Yesss please do this soon!


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