We need a way to resset our Mod to lvl 1 again

We need a way to be able to resset mods over to lvl one so that if we get a shirt bonus we can try again


Here’s your bonus shirt

in all reality they’ve said mods are set up to roll certain values so no point in resetting them


Every single mods outcome is predetermined the second you receive it. That means there is no point in resetting it because the outcome would be the exactly the same. This includes each bonus at 5,10, and 15 and the exact number of fails and when each fail occurs.


Why can’t you just deal with having some slightly less useful mods?

I am beginning to believe that anyone with perfect mods is hacking or cheating. With all the mods I have upgraded, not a single one is close to perfect. If I am “lucky” enough to get one maxed stat, you can bet the farm that the next slot will be the minimum.

I don’t know if resetting them to zero is the answer. I would really like a way to combine bronze into silver and silver into gold, though.


Yea op how dare you wanna reset mods, you should settle for really bad mods cause no way at all scopely is lying about resetting mods cause no way they want you to buy more instead of making the ones you have perfect. Scopely never ever lies op!

I agree w this. We can reset weapons if we don’t like the desired outcome. Make it cost scrap of they want.

Ha i knew they were predetermined.

Got 2 from the shop last Sunday/Monday

Knew there was no way level 5 and 10 for 2 different mods would roll out the same exact numbers without it being predetermined.

Predetermined what a crock of shit that shouldnt be happening.

Everything they have is based on “random dumb luck” yet we make all mod boxes predetermined…



Same guy a week apart. Only 2 reports I’ve seen.

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Hmm, the stun one popped on first attempt of 10, that in itself is fishy. But if it is legit, good for him. My next question is if he is a big spender. Were the mods rewards or purchased? Everyone says that the odds are predetermined, so I wonder if the purchased ones have better odds to be good.

Buy new mods
reroll old mods

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Everything in this game is predetermined by your account code. The RNG is just plain ridiculous at this point.

I agree that your account code determines everything. Raises the question: Is the code a static thing, or does it change over time? Let’s say that I get early onset dementia and start buying everything available. You know, like $99.99 for 3 grenades. Will my account code get updated and I start to pull better and better premiers? Suits at HQ be like, “Nice, we monetized another one.” Or are you stuck with whatever you started with.

IDK how it works, but I remember kalishawn saying this to someone else before

Wait, mods have random stats? News to me. I just don’t give a shit about the game to notice that bullshittery

The funny thing bout this is people really think its luck on the wheels, weapon crafting, etc. Lol everything is pre determined. Every account gets a little mark and that is your “luck” if your “luck” is set to get crap weapons but amazing pulls, guess what you get? Why people still put anything past scopely, believe anything they say, etc. Baffles my mind but it is what it is

It can be changed whenever

yeah, if you click a mod u will see the bonus values in the bottom left corner, they can vary. if you go to upgrade a mod and look, bonus levels are unlocked at levels 5 10 and 15. resist for example can give you anywhere from a bonus of 3%-15% chance to resist the status effect on top of the base mod value for each tier, so you (if maxed), can get a bonus 45% chance to resist the status effect on top of the base if you max everything you can have 2 gold atk set stun resist mods, and one will be a stun resist of 40%, and one will be a chance to resist stun as high as (i believe the max) as 75% (30% base chance to resist status effect+15+15+15% if you max each bonus). thats why people accuse others of hacking. if you look at a teams mods, and every resist mod is maxxed, its very fishy.

what were asking for, as these results arent guarenteed and supposedly rng is the ability to reset them. i have a gold atk stun mod that has a bonus of 3.5, 15, and 5%s. it gives a total chance to resist stun of 53.5%. i may want to reset that to try to get a higher bonus on #1 and #3 slots, but i run the risk of losing the max +15% on slot 2. every mod is different based off of this, but you can not buy specific mods like stun resist, impair resist etc. just like with weapons, if you dont get the desired outcome, you can reset and try again. you can try again and again and again and never get it, but at least you could try. the tin foil hatters would say, that the reason that we cant is that the results arent rng, and that the results are already determined.

I’ve missed this. How do we “know” that things are predetermined? Just curious.

Again… Those wearing their tinfoil hats. I don’t believe this, just that ring sux