We need a Trading Feature


I know this was asked many times before, but we still got
nothing. I have a good example to explain it. A Former
Factionmate did a 10 Pull and got Sawyer. A character
I want for a long time, but he has no real use for him,
because he runs ranged. He really wants the Blue 5*
Andrea “A Larger World” for his team, but she’s unaviable
for normal means or too much Supply Points, I have her
2 times and don’t use both, so I could give him my Blue
Andrea to get Sawyer.

Another Idea for a trading feature would be to set up in-faction
tournaments for your faction. As an example someone hosts
a character and the person, who is the best gets it. We could
make a own tournament with Friendly Raids or who finshes
something the fastet.

I know that the balace could be a problem, because you still want
to sell promos, but there are many characters in the wheels with a
low chance to pull them. Especially in the 5* Tokens or the Ascendance.
A Factionmate got Blue Darius from Ascendance 3 times in a row and
I still need him. That would be perfect, for those kind of things.





In-faction tournaments for toons will turn nasty. I don‘t seriously want that.


It is so poor that some persons had to
flag something, because they don’t agree.


Shh don’t talk about moderation, it is forbidden topic here. You have to accept it with smile.