We need a territory to speed up armory crafting time's

There are territories for just about everything else so why not armory’s? “For crafting speed”


Disappointment twice as fast twice as often!

Haha if we were flooded with kits and tape sure.

Otherwise no big deal


There are territories for crafting, 2 for critical success, 2 for crafting success and one for bonus dismantling. What I talking about, extra ones.

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LoL I agree on being dissapointed 99.9% of the time. I’m sure the main reason we don’t have them scopely would be missing out on player’s coining the armorys.

I think the weapons crafting times should be looked at also. Be nice to have specials at around te 24 Hour Mark at least.


Has anyone actually ever paid to speed up the craft time? Not counting the last hour where it might be cheap. I’m talking about right out of the gate. I doubt it.

Reduction down to 12 hours or even less would be fantastic. Even if people go on a crafting spree they will run out of mats so all it’s really doing is saving us time.


Before the armory glitch was fixed people would coin it and if it failed crash their game and get coins back. If it succeeded they’d spend the coins

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There are a few people I know in my region that have coined weapons from the start. I refuse to do it even the last hr before i can free skip because it’s almost always a disappointment.


Completly unscientific theory but all the times I have skipped have resulted in garbage. When I let them complete it’s still mostly garbage but I do have 9 great weapons to show from it. Five of them “perfect”. So I now always wait for the time to finish naturally.

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No effing way I would not vote for this one moment of my life just saw the top faction can horde that too I don’t think so

LoL or for us that have everything maxed give us some new special stats to research and mix stuff up a little :slight_smile:

Not all top factions hoard all the good territories. In my region we take the crit territories when we need them only put 1 defense in and let someone else have them after the hr long shield expires. Every faction in the region has started doing this now so basically the crit territories are passed around all day every day. Try to engage with your top faction and ask them to implement a system of some sort to let everyone use the stuff. If they don’t agree try banding together with all the other factions and taking their shit, once you annoy them long enough they will most likely come to a agreement.


We do this in our region too and its been great. We, unfortunately, have a few salty bastards that will turn them over to the walkers when they get the chance. Do you see this in your region or is it just mine?

Occasionally yes. Sometimes we turn them over to walkers as well but only to let people have them before the hr is up.

Arc op faction has decided to share the success territories only

Theres a reason behind everything

Greedy selfish is not the way

The crits kept getting walkered for no reason

Come over to Warren where the top (spending) faction places their 6* war defenses in the crit territories and are coined endlessly to hold. It’s highly entertaining.

Only recently when the 5* territories were open did the iron grip stop on the crit territories, but then they sat on the Lilith and Aden territories doing the same.

Damn brother all I got to say is ditto to your whole statement I think that’s even what made it worse is that the region felt a little bit of crit for like 10 days and then they took it back after 6* Terr ened