We need a red sheild legend


We need a 6* legend red sheild with 70% defense vs tough.


No thanks sounds stupid


Does it… I dunno??? They might


Keep dreaming if you think scopely cares.


If they want 100k more dollars… Then they will @JB.Scopely


Lmao @JB.Scopely gonna ignore this dude just stop are you new ?


He won’t ignore if there’s money involved… None of them will.


Ok so how come they didn’t give everyone the 12 ascendables for $36 ? Pretty sure they ignored that even though they could of made a killing by giving everyone the same offer but they didn’t.


Because it’s $36 for 12 characters when they could make 1 of those characters over $100


That’d be so awesome - to not own a full set of shields for each trait


Awful idea.


Explain your thinking


If I need to explain why this is horrible, I doubt you could even comprehend anything I say.


How would this be terrible? The 70% defence thing may be but that’s the only thing I could think of this being bad.


Also I could comprehend anything you have to say about any characters, so you don’t have to worry about that


There will be one soon.


$100?? Wish I had your luck. Every promo is costing me at least $300 nowadays


Keep on spending! :+1:


Suggestion for 70 defense because blue team will win for sure… Something to ponder


Red shield, yes. Maybe one day, not anytime soon…