We need a PVP event

This game should have a player versus player event where we play against the actual player instead of an AI.


You mean like war? Or like live raiding?


They cant even make a matchmaking when we fight against the computer work
They dont have the skill for full player vs player


No. Probably not. Might be fun though.

Turn based live raiding would be great and true PvP. As @Tsarraz said though… Chances of that being developed and working is somewhere between slim and none


Yes would be fun, the winner of toss for startattack would get big benefit still
And more tactics about balance defence and attack

Like live raiding

It would be terrible.


Not gonna happen until it’s POV

nah u bid to see who goes first like in real money
I pay like 1k ti gi first

I don’t think even scopely would be that stupid

What I wanna see is the return of those museum events where we got collectables from tourney milestones and traded them for needed gear or a ascendable recruit. But live PvP? Please God no. I can barely deal with regular raids, especially with chance-based outcomes favoring the enemy while my “better chance” weapons don’t do anything the entire time.

I thought of this too. Seems like it could be interesting. My idea would be defense would start with more AP then usual or gain more AP than usual. Of course there would probably be a plethora of Doc Stevens + Commands on offense to ruin everything

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I was thinking whoever is on defense gets to go first maybe

Daze helps with doc

This is already true.


I mean even more than usual. Whoever goes 1st will have a major advantage unless the player on defense can do something like pick 2 people on offense team to stun for 1st turn

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guess it wouldn’t be that much different than the way raids are now far as that goes

Maybe they fix what they have before introducing new stuff ?
Just a thought :blush:


Lol good point