We need a negan roadmap

And for the love of God stop bringing that mission back for every event. These are the same missions from the Mr Jones event. Come up with something new ffs


50 freaking cans and a whole freaking day spent to complete that mission shame on u scamly

They treating us like apes

yeah, that’s what i wanted to ask- how to complete the N letter? i have no clue what to do and it’s the only letter i’m missing

Hope you see him in raids or survival road. If you do happen to find somebody with negan be prepared for them being shielded all damn day

If none of those work for u ur screwed


U cannot redo the daily sr tho

this might be the case, thanks
i hope it works for me lol

I got 4 in Sr in one of my minis yesterday and none today. Seems to be random within certain regions whether you get him or no.

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