We need a majorly awesome war wheel

Please make this war wheel unbelievable so that everyone wants to war again… I’m thinking some 1000 keys/cones/shells slots, mixed with some very good premiers… please don’t recycle the same old useless toons and crush our spirit so everyone feels meh about war for two more months… not sure how long a lot of us can hang on, don’t think it’s a stretch to say we are in some pretty rough waters at the moment… make us proud with this war wheel, big opportunity to mend some gaping wounds. Thank you.




It will be a major letdown after this week. They will make it the worst ever on purpose now.


Scopely is big petty just ask my coin balance lol

I’m sure we’ll get a good look at it come Sunday.


How deep in the negative are you? Iv seen -40k worst so far


I’ve seen well over 100k from a few others


what they need is a stash, which players can pick 10 chars from it
just add a few gen 2 and all gen 1 chars

I’ll be happy with that

second stash is 20 chars from all available say

wheels done work considering the odds are stacked against us
stash and ones which we can tailor
I’ve seen other games do it


Also don’t forget the amount of tokens per pull needs return to 100


the war will be cancelled and replaced by faction raid


Yep. They definitely have a history of trying to punish their players for any sort of rebellion. Wouldn’t be surprised if the next war wheel is worse than the last or if they scrap it all together and give us 4* tokens.


Dont worry scopley will give a you ‘’ Big surprised’’ by giving a war wheel consist on following toons
blue cole
and some other useless toons of ur choice


nah it’ll be cancelled and replaced with hordes
which will be cancelled and replaced with fac raid
which will have 1k 5 star tokens or 5 blue keys for rewards for 1st place


blue cole is too good
yellow kal

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The wheel will contain a new s++ class character named Spencer. He will have an ar titled foot in mouth which grants you 100 coins and an instant win if you pick the right bucket… Scopely will unreleased him at the conclusion of war stating he was a future plan

And 8v8 or much better rewards lower down to keep you peeps feed🤷🏼‍♂️

Unless it’s all S Class or top notch premiums it’s outdated already , I’m not hopeful .

How do you get a negative like tf?

I’d enjoy a war wheel without any generation 1 toons in it. Regarding S class items in the war wheel, I think Scopely should do red velvet cakes over the keys, ice cream, chocolate cakes, etc -> only because some players have already collected the max amount of these items so to be rewarded with something that cannot be transferred into a usable item, it becomes a mixed bag of positives and negatives. The toons in the wheel could be the toon(s) needed with some of the red velvet cakes to exchange for the S class items of your choice.

Edit: another option would be having a stash. I would also like to see war tokens included in milestones again so that players who excel in weaker factions still can grind for a toon maybe not in one war with the milestone war tokens and placement, but by the second one.

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