We need a Halloween event


We need more holiday events


will it involve corn and pumpkins


And it will cost us money to participate in it. Don’t forget about that. :wink:


They always do holiday events even if they stink and cost money. Why are you expecting a holiday event 30 days before the actual holiday?


no but they could have done a fall theme event based around the season


Just have a wheel with football tyreese, cowgirl Rosita, ninja barker, and Christmas shiva. Boom, costume wheel.


Include the Wanderer. Spooky gasmask gangster.


Luckily it’s almost Impossible to top the Christmas Toons in Terms of hillariousness so I hope for some New Toons and 6* Sawyer as the Main Attraction


There is a Halloween event but it’s a trick you get gator


Holliday events would be way more fun if they made the humans and walkers look festive. Ie walkers have pumpkins as heads or the humans have costumes on. For Christmas give everyone a Santa hat or elf hats

Just some small details On the whisperer roadmap, I actually thought they would have given the human enemies some walker skin masks. Too much to ask for I guess


Would have been interesting if they included humans dressed as walkers in the early whisperers maps and integrated human attackers into walker stages


dude they totally need an easter Jesus.


god dammit then that means we need a priest Gabriel


Hallowen event would be trick-or-trick here


We have been needing another Father G toon for a long damn time…


Yeah. Him any many Others. Especially from the beginning (Better Dale, Allen), The Prison Arc (Axel, Alice, Thomas), but we all know they stop caring about them a long time ago. Rather design new characters never heard of before


Wasn’t the last halloween event P2W? why bother if so


Trick or Treat… with 0.01% chances on the treat. The trick takes away food, survivors, and training ground times. Keep surviving.


Do we need to collect a michonne head again :man_facepalming:


Yes, it was and it was also…