We need a basic overhaul


So recently we’ve had legendary characters introduced and they’ve raised the bar for teams and how they operate. On that note, we need other aspects of the game brought up to date as well.

Helper tokens, basic tokens, scav missions, daily missions and gear maps all need to be looked at and their worth re-evaluated. Because honestly, I don’t see anyone picking up the game and sticking around if all they pull are Ethels from basic tokens. I’m not saying give us scavenger missions with legendary gear but I’m saying maybe give us missions with the possibility of elite/ ultra rare gear or elite character/ weapon tokens. Hike up the duration of time spent out if that’s what it takes.

Make us want to log in every day because we can’t do without fulfilling the quota for daily missions. Make gear maps a regular thing, make helper tokens not completely useless. How many of us have hundreds of basic tokens stashed away because it isn’t worth the effort opening them? Just little things, but a few changes here and there go a long way.


Good post, agree with all these suggestions.


I completely agree


Agreed. These areas you’ve mentioned, plus more such as food (and the associated farm production) really need re-evaluating in the new 6* world.


100% agree


As long as they’re selling food during every level up I don’t think they have an interest in re-evaluating food farm production.


Give the OP a medal. Nailed it


Just a question, who ever buys that? I sure don’t.


I think it’s the same suckers who put up 3-4 mil for blue Romanov, or 2 mil for a piece of t4 6* gear.


They better see this and look it over. We need this change.