We need a another map


We all very well know most if not all that have 25+ 6s are running low on 6 star metals. And seeing you do normal ones for a roadmap how about one for 6s every other week?


I got 32 and can still make 5.more.


That’s some useful information I’m sure the OP wanted to hear. :smirk:
But he makes a valid point. There isn’t enough medals period. Especially the gold ones. :-1:


still do 15 more and i have 35 but thats not the point. Bur its needed asap


Buy crate from sr depot end of a month that gives you the silver to 6* 1 toon


its not the silver thats needed i have 4m of that… and 5 a day is not worth it if i have keep doing normal sr daily.


If they give us free stuff it won’t be enough free stuff and won’t be free enough


300 gold medals to ascend at 5 per day is 60 days, just FYI


Yay a paid roadmap for 300 tokens smh


Don’t remember what we were using the necklaces for but I wish I had more.


low on medals because they want people to buy them… :frowning:
This game


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