We need a 6star from the list of old toons...THIS WEEK

Hi there. Signed up for the forum after lurking for a while to make this post.

We need an ascendable from the old toons list–this week. And we need at least three total a month or not more.

The string of only premier, new 6s is not cool and definitely damaging morale. Lots of players in every region saw the list and are hanging onto those toons, prepared to ascend them when they become available.

The list was published on Oct. 13. It is Dec. 5. Only one toon from that list is currently available (Siddiq). There’s been no official update, that I’ve seen, since that list was published. Doesn’t make sense if you ask me.

The argument I saw given by a scopely staffer, that they’re short on designers, does not hold weight because most of the 6star versions are in their system already. They were published on vk. And since Siddiq, 10 new premier 6s were published. You want to tell me the team can’t get one of the older toons ready by this weekend? Nah. Publish one by Friday and some of us who are feeling super negative about the game have something positive to talk about.

With the broken schedule fixed, we should also receive a new list soon of the next batch of older toons that will be made ascendable after this batch is finished.

In Summary: To restore some faith, please publish a 6star version of an older toon this week, and subsequently release three to five more every month. Thanks.


it DoeSNt FiT tHe MEtA


lol… by the time they make an old toon ascendable, they will be garbage and useless on most teams

And that’s what bothers me the most. We got the list of “upcoming” Ascendables, and we’ve all seen the leaks. We were given a general timeframe for their availability.

Then WEEKS after, we’re informed that the leaked characters “don’t fit the meta”. If that’s the case, and it takes weeks to design ONE character, there is no feasible way to introduce the new 6* in the timeframe provided.

I’m no coder but it seems improbable that it takes weeks to design one character, especially if it’s based off an older toon which means they don’t have to design the 5star version of it

there’s NO $$ in it… so not a high priority.


I agree, but I’m basing my statement on what we’ve been told here.


I agree.

The simple and most honest answer i can think of is, there is no money in making old chars ascendable.

I don’t care what they said, i firmly believe corporate got involved and said no Fing way are you releasing OG ascendable chars, premier only…and that’s that.


It’s the 4th quarter and they need to meet/achieve the needed quota’s, there are bonus’s on the line here…sheeeesh


Unfortunately for you this post will go on deaf ears cause these things needed to happen at launch they they could bring up old promos to get new players to gamble on in hopes of getting them, which didn’t do so hot cause of the old 5* wheel update with Kirkman negan. They ran a promo on him when ascendence came out and it must of been a bust same with 5* Shane promo so now they gonna neva do it again cause there is no money in it for Scopely

Sorry bro but this is a lost cause.

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7 weeks this Friday since the last f2p 6* , but dont worry im sure that there is enough variation given by the premier toons that have become available since then

Remember they dont fit the current meta. However I can go through and find a premiere that is similar to each one. Awful exscuse. Yes every company needs to make money that’s obvious. However the way they are doing it is driving people away not making them spend. I refuse at this point. Even the 30 day crate. There was suppose to be some sort of update about that yesterday and nothing…

yea but 6* Shane sucks so that one would have botched anyways

Not sure how. They can throw an older ascended toon into premier by now. Chances are most players ddidnt know or found out too late that some of the OG toons would be ascended and they used them for 6* fodder. At this point, throw Kal in premier with his 6* version and watch every go ape shit and thrownmoney at the screen.

The main point is the game shouldn’t make every toon or basically every toon pay to play. But yeah, I would think people would spend for the old toons, for instance I never obtained Shane and currently only have 2 on the list.

If the 6 versions of the older toons are good enough, I would consider spending for them

I think there are a lot of people that want gear to update their current 6* and not everyone has a 6* in tier 4. Not everyone has enough gear for the toons they currently have. So why in the rush for a new 6* from the list of old toons?

So we aren’t fighting the same 10 toons over and over and over and over


maybe some people did not ascend much or depleted their resources and can use these toons. It will add more variety to teams since not everyone going for premier pulls. I’d rather have more toons to be ascendable around and enough resources to t3 them. Giving out t4 gear is not gonna solve this same teams everywhere problem currently we see same teams at t3 and then you will see them at t4.

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