We liked this war format. Thanks scopely :-)

I know everyone moans and I will probably be slated but thank you for the war format scopely. It really suited us as a f2p faction. 6 filled up quickly and we have a good chance at getting our milestones.

So thank you. Can we have more like these please?


100% agree


the search is a bit longer but doesnt bother.

the 6 vs 6 this week is ok. a lot of people dont participate, guess they had plans or they feel bad about the club, lol. on some crws the 8 spots filled up quicker.

the overall event is ok.

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CRW is miles more enjoyable and better rewards. Just saying.


This AOW has really grown on me. Reduced milestones are f2p friendly. 6v6 is f2p friendly. Match making has been fine. I really like it.


Yay!!! all the people in dead regions and low activity are happy. Thank you. Everyone in active factions atleast can barely get into wars and still have to wait long time for searches because mostly all regions have pretty poor activity on their own… but thank you great format…

A total bunch of BS. Reduce war and crap rewards. What crap are people thanking scopes for reduced milestones… don’t you people understand basic math… they reduced the event by about 12+ hours so a 25k reduction in milestones is as non consequential as 100k in a full 2+ day war… Who cares about the format. We should have something decent to fight for


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Dunno about you but I prefer 75 tokens for 2nd place in AOW over 15 tokens for 13th place in CRW


I barely warred, its boring same 3 factions in a row & of course couldnt get in 10 because its 6v6 so I decided to enjoy my weekend, stock up on war cans until crw…the only enjoyable thing on this game is crw.

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Yeah I get that… CRW prizes suck too… not saying they are better. They are exponentially worse as you go lower in the ranks… I agree AOW gives out comparatively better rewards considering a region usually has 20-25 active factions… I do not disagree with having AoW but don’t completely agree with 6v6 format and th shortened durations

No. I dont cry over a silly game. Im actually glad to enjoy my weekend.

then why half of your post was crying?

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War has nothing to do with being f2p or not


I think they meant casual friendly.

Well casual would make sense that’s a better word then calling it f2p



Brah this war so chill and casual I’m on 100k and I’ve been playing on auto. Loving it scopely well done.

The only reason this was done was cause wanderer from notorious cried, scopes has to cater to them.

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I’m pretty sure Wanderer preference would be for CRW.


Indeed this boring ass snooze fest sucks the big one.

They just too casual to understand the leagues based competition.


I agree that 6v6 is perfect for AOW. It gives lower faction a chance to war, which gives your region a lot more opponents option rather than the top 5 very active faction.