We kindly want a compensation

Many people got between 700k and 1 million coins and pulled 5 mia and 5 doc and worse they gonna pull Cameron scare bc he’s the next promo :scream::scream::scream::scream:

We freaking want a compensation. We want 25k coins in each inbox for all those who didn’t take adventage of this, what the hell we gonna do in war and raids with all those op toons. many won’t hit war milestones and won’t be able to max out Kapoor or pull in any wheel. many people will loose most of there reputation bc of the many losses they will have, its not our freaking fault that we tried to pull for ur wheel that we ended up getting Burts. we used every token for a freaking chance and didn’t get anything not a pull nor the coins come on scopely we need that freaking compensation it’s our last chance, your survivors r loosing hope in this game


Let’s be honest, the fact that a small amount of opportunists took advantage of this gate won’t make a blind bit of difference to 99% of players. If you come up against a war defence with 3 Mia’s and 2 Docs I’d consider you quite lucky as that is an atrocious combination of toons. Stop being sad that you didn’t exploit this yourself, because if you did, you wouldn’t be making this post. And no, I did not get any coins from this, I did however get 4 Burts and 42 red velvet cake.


Sadly 3 mia and 2 docs won’t help them

They didn’t take advantage of anything. Blame Scopely.


The only people who will get compensation is Scopely because no matter what - spenders gonna spend.


Lol this is 100

Small amount my ass? Half my region saved tokens bc they knew they won’t get anything and got doc and Mia. Now I can’t raid without seeing them. gonna break my freaking phone bc of all the headaches those teams gave me


Just wait until u start seeing 3 Mia and 2 doc while attacking towers or in territories then come talk to me again

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Proof? I even doubt many have been lucky to pull decent toons or collectibles. ALSO war has been shitty for a very long time for those of us who do not have great toons, mods and etc. If you could not beat big spender’s def teams in CRWs / raids before you will not be able in the future anyway. Since sclass were introduced raids suck anyway.


Exaggerate much?

The coins are gone so they won’t be pulling Cameron.

That’s a shame. I would have loved to see multiple Cameron’s on defence, would make my attacks about twice as fast.

This issue impacted approximately 250000 players.

But this is not new. We are facing constantly over-powered def teams, in territories, raids or wars. People have been lucky at the right time that’s unfortunate for most but if you are not spending in this game you won’t stand a chance against top factions, you never have, the majority of players never will. It will not make any difference now since a small percentage got lucky last night.

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You’re not very credible since your not that well informed if you think players can pull for Cameron.

It’s not my fault that you believed what cm has said lol

There are not 250 000 players in this game… :wink: Dead accounts from skull token’s gate perhaps yes, but none active accounts.

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Thousands of people download this game each day. Check for yourself doubt u counted Low level players

Be a easy team with my current setup I pray for defense like that lol

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Prolly you’re a whale so that won’t affect u much