We gotta break this endless cycle

I usually try to be as positive as possible with the game. But I think things really need to change for me to keep my enthusiasm up.

  1. Far too many solo lvl ups and lately I’ll go for the 750k tops in hopes of sports gauntlets to tier 3 my Wyatt. The last 4 times everything but that. And I’m flat out spent on toons to use in both regions.

  2. Raid milestones are way too high, 4200 is a ridiculous goal, I use to go for it in both regions, now trying to find the motivation for spending that much time for a Benny and some food. Point blank it’s not worth it. Please reset the goals to 2200 max.

  3. This nugget event was a bust for me, went all gear and had well over enough to get the toon, but I needed gear. Guess what happened not one thing I needed in either region from needed GPS got canteens, needed sports gauntlets got tripods. Far too much RNG and not one payoff.

  4. Faction farming for assault markers has beyond got out of hand in both of my regions, seeing teams have all 6* tier 4 teams fully maxed is everywhere now cause people are feeding off dead factions. Its not just one or two people in a faction either, pretty much everyone is maxed in the factions that farm dead ones. I think to myself maybe my faction and I should do it, but I think I spend more than enough time on this game.

All in all, there has been some decent changes lately. The daily login, Bruce’s roadmap, 3x speedup.

As a player that runs a top 10 faction in two regions and puts up 300k for war points in both places I’m finding myself starting to lose motivation to grind endlessly, Hell I didn’t even renew my monthly pass a few days ago. To sum it up yes there’s been small changes, but not nearly enough. I hope @kalishane and @Shawn.Scopely can take this to the team, because there’s alot of players feeling the same way.

Thank you for taking your time to read this to whoever does.


I agree on a few points. 4200 is way too high for raid. I see people literally stopping at 4200 which causes other factions to have to spend more refills because people want the Benedict and not necessarily the first place prize. If this was around 2200 it would be much better. The level ups are insane. I am running out of 5* that are t4 lvl 1 because there is not enough between level ups to prep. Give us at least 5-6 between level ups. We have one that ends in 8 hours. Then we have a faction level up on Monday. Then another starting Tuesday. How much sense does this make. You guys are nuts.

I really liked that event Scopely did where the entire region was working together to get all those milestones. I think the prizes were 4* Lori and her sheers. I think that would be cool if it was for some t4 gear, Liliths, Ulysses, etc. Lets do that again Scopely.


That was a good event and it got alot of positive feedback. Why that was a one time only event is beyond me.

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Yea I really liked that event. YOur region had to clear a certain number of walkers within a certain time, and other things

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Great points all around and extremely well said. 100% agrement and support all the way.

Great game. Let’s make it even greater!

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I totally agree, I remember when I first started playing this game over a year ago, I couldn’t wait to log in and see what was going on. It would be awesome to capture that magic again, we need more events like choose your side and what not.


I think 2018 has started off on the right track. It really looks like they are listening to feedback and making some solid changes to the game.

Gotta say that was without a doubt my favorite event. Would love to see something like that again.


100% agree with the assault farming. Watching ppl jump in and out of factions to farm these dead factions is killing it for me. I work hard, don’t exploit and in the end it’s players like me who feel shafted. While I love this game I’m beginning to see the end is near


Everything said is 100% correct and true, doing that many raids is getting boring. It makes the game seem pointless and makes it a chore.

The running out of toons to level is a huge point my 8 6* are all stuck at t3 with no hope of gear in site. It is nice to see the Maggie in the rewards as this will be the ONLY Toon I have left to level up. I recently changed factions I was a coo leader of a top 3 faction, but how can I justify that when it comes to a faction level up and all I can do is level 3* and get real newb level points. It is almost like there is now an end game.

Yours sincerely

mr 28 raid can not hit benny and nothing to Level death

P.s makes improvements now to avoid more “why is there only 3 active factions in my region” posts, save the game you guys have been given plenty of feedback and advise, all you have to do is implement it.


Also. See there is faction assault. Prize ,activities and events for weapons crafting . Territories bugs. And Bruce make faction assault which not launched long ago look 90% stupid. And to collect Tara make it 100% fully ridiculous.

And what is there will never get any 6stars other than ascendance 5stars( and never from the wheel or stash whatever). And only from existing one. Than what’s going on.

Scopely you guys ain’t as smart as you think

You love to play with us
For sure we can make your day
Really memorable.

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It’s funny you mention that. Struggling motivating my faction to get to 4200. I remember the glory days of the solo level ups. We had players score over 30k trophy raids to compete for first place.

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Them days the supply depot only had work/raid in this slot instead of having filler toons (not seen a refill in there since update).

The changes are crazy al full of irony.

6* gear is available on level ups but if nothing to level how to you get the gear to then level up to get the gear smh defies logic.

I miss the sky bound days it went rapidly down hill since this lot took over)

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My fingers hurt from raiding :sob:


It was region call to arms event. That was a very well received event. They could definitely do that again with updated prizes.

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I liked the event but think we should have a choice of characters hate everyone in the region getting the same prize


I’m down with that but how do they do it without it being a wheel or a box? At least with Jesus or Dwight we knew what we could get for sure. This game needs less rng and more choice.


I think Wednesday should have no event…instead have a 0 energy roadmap.
Where all you get are survivors, gloves and shirts.
So people can stock up for all these level ups.

Would be a perfect little event break.

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Yeah I’m sick of wheels for sure, either a call to arms type event or choose your side would certainly be welcome. Really hope Scopely reads this thread cause pretty much everyone is agreeing on what we want and need in the game soon.


I have seen some nice improvements in 2018 so far. Let’s hope they continue. It’s never too late to steer the ship back on course and so far I like what I am seeing from Scopely with the monthly rewards and Maggie giveaway.


For sure bud, that’s why I brought up what they are doing right. If they can tweak and add they other things I outlined I think as a whole for this community it would please us all. Feels like they are starting to listen, let’s hope they keep it up.

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